What A Week…

March 17, 2012
Had the best intentions to get back on projects this past week… well our big fur baby Milo had been seeming a little off the past little bit and this past Tuesday night we knew something was wrong… he was moaning when just trying to walk around… we whisked him away to the 24 hour animal emerg over near Deerfoot Meadows… he had tests, X-rays and an ultrasound… they didn’t find anything way out of whack…  BUT he had quite a high fever that they were trying to bring down…
Wednesday night we switched him over to the Fish Creek 24 Vet Hospital… and they gave him an antihistamine and steroids in case he was having an allergic reaction to a vaccine that he’d gotten two weeks ago…  I was really scared… especially after the ordeal and losing Cleo so unexpectedly last month… well after a couple more nights in the hospital with lots of fluids and close care he’s fever came down and then stayed down after he was taken off the IV…
We brought him home last night… He’s been shaved to bits… his arm… his belly… his neck… He’s not 100% back to himself yet which still has me worried… but he’s been coming downstairs off and on and he’s eating well since he’s gotten home so I’m sure he’ll come around after he’s finished all of his medication… we’re probably irritating him with kisses and snuggles… once he’s feeling better I’ll get some photos of his velvety tum…
They sent him home with liquid medicine that he needs twice a day and then two and a half pills twice a day… OMG… the pills are huge and quite a chore to get into him… we picked up some pill pockets today at our normal vet… fingers crossed that those will for his next dose…  do you have any advice for getting large pills into a cat?..


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  • Cynthia F March 28, 2012 at 1:46 am

    Aww Milo! What was wrong with him? I hope his meds went down ok- we used to crush up bigger pills and mix water with them & shoot them into our cat’s mouth with a syringe. A bit messy but at least it would go down mostly!
    I hope he’s all better now!

  • Lacey April 4, 2012 at 1:48 am

    He had a fever of unknown origin… we think it may have been a reaction to a vaccine… it was terrible and terrifying… Once we got him home he was still very off… and very pissed off because of the pills… but the weekend before last, last week and this past weekend he’s gotten better and better and seems to finally be back to himself… Thanks for sending your love his way!.. xo