Hey There Pussycats…

Hey… *looking down at feet while shuffling about nervously*

It’s been a little while… and I’m sorry I’ve not been around… *looking up with puppy dog eyes and a sweet little smile*

I have missed you… *arms out for a big hug*

I’m not going to give you the I’ve been busy spiel… we’re all busy… thats life!… But there are some exciting things that I have to share that have not been blogged about yet… they’ve been all over the Feathering My Nest social media outlets of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter… follow along to keep up to date on the happenings!… 🙂

Promise I’ll keep the bloggity more up to date… and I’ve got some tutorials in the works too lovers!…

Ok… new post coming about the Vintage With Flair Show that took place last month in the ever so lovely hamlet of Priddis.




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