A Little Front Door Love…

September 6, 2014

If you follow FMN on Instagram or Facebook you know I’m still around… if you read the blog only I apologize for the lack of action around here… I’m trying to find balance between all of the social media options… I’m also dropping the ball with the ol Twittering… but even more than trying to balance out my social media options I’m trying to find a balance for my blog in regards to getting or not getting too personal… really when I think about it I could just blog about whatever I bloodly well feel like… but then again I’m really writing for you here… not me… well okay maybe me a little bit… but you know what I mean.

When I think about a blogs and Instagram accounts that I love the most I have to say I love seeing beautiful product photos and the occasional motivational quote photograph, but I do also enjoy seeing behind the scenes production photographs as well as some this is me and this is my life and things that I like… some little things that add a true realness… it really is a just like me person producing all of this amazingness that I’m looking at!?…  Come to think of it I am rather interested in the people creating the websites, products, and designs that I’m drawn to… What do you like to see when you’re reading your favourite blogs?  I know that I don’t like reading a blog and every second post is a sponsored post where the writer has received something for free or are getting paid to do the writing… nobody likes EVERYTHING!… well unless they get it for free… who doesn’t love free stuff… but I digress… let’s get back to the reason for this post:

OUR NEW FRONT DOOR that we prepared and installed in our little nest a few weeks back… really it turned out to be a rather simple job… after some minor dilemmas… and had I known the difference it would make we would have done it so much sooner!…


The work is in progress on refreshing the trims on the house… the black window and door trims are incredibly faded from the sun… I think this is a good complaint!… I will never complain about sunshine!  haha… okay so our original front door was a basic builders door with a half round window at the top… I was never a fan…  We went and picked out a fibreglass door that actually matched the style of our house… nice sharp square panels and a squared window… also it lets in more sunshine… again a good thing… now the most terrifying part for me was painting the door… what if I hooped it up!?… I jumped in knowing that I could repaint it if I hated it.  I picked what was the deepest red available in a semigloss and went to town…


So my first lesson learned was that I should have painted the door right from the start with a roller… with the paintbrush for any edges, drips or tight spots… I went at this on a very hot day with a paintbrush… after a minor meltdown due to brush strokes in the paint I hauled out the sandpaper and gave the brushstrokes a light sanding to knock them all down…  then I went back in with a roller to get a more even finish… the results turned out okay… the light brushstrokes left under the rollered paint give the door a very light woodgrain looking texture… silver linings folks!…


We also moved the door into the shade for the remainder of the painting… and for my sanity… once it was all dried the Pickle and a friend pulled out the old door and started working on installing this new beauty… the old door also let in cool air… it was never installed properly and even with adjusting we could never get it nice and air tight… the new one has been installed perfectly, new seals and not a lick of air is getting in now…


Really I wanted a deeper darker red… like I mentioned this was the darkest available without falling into burgundy family… perhaps in the spring I’ll look for a new red and give her another coat… but then again maybe not… the slight orange tinge is starting to grow on me… here’s a before and after:


Have I apologized yet for the poor quality photographs?… my brush stroke meltdown took the good right out of me 😛 and well I feel lucky that I got my wits together to take some iPhone shots along the way… haha…


We do have ONE last thing left to install before I will call this project complete… this darling anchor door knocker!… squeak!  I love it!… it’s just a little piece of home that is making our home a little more like home… 😉





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