DIY Trophies…

September 20, 2015

Here it is!… the first DIY of Season Two of Kim’s Kitchen!… For the Best Bartender Challenge I was tasked with coming up with an upcycled trophy for the winner!  Their challenge was to develop a drink… The Kimmy!

My thoughts immediately were BIG… GOLD… and BAR STUFF…

DIY trophies 1

I hit the road and hit up the local second hand shops in search for glasses and cocktail shakers… That much I knew I wanted and then when I saw the large candle holders I had it!… the winning trophy was going to be big

DIY trophies 2

When I got all of the supplies home I gave everything a thorough wash to remove any dust, dirt, oils or wax that would prevent the paint from sticking.

DIY trophies 3

Before starting with painting I did a test fit to see if things would stand up when they were put together like I was imagining… glass on jar lid on top of candle holder with a large metal shaker balanced in it… and I was extremely fortunate to find matching mini glasses and mini shakers to make matching mini trophies for the non winners!

Before getting going on the paint work I glued together any loose individual parts… for example I attached the shaker tops to the shakers, and the jar ring to the top of the candle stick.  I did not glue the shakers into the glasses until those parts were fully painted to ensure that each piece was fully coated all around.

DIY trophies 5

As you know by now my favorite epoxy to work with is the LePage Speed Set epoxy with the mixing tips… why?… because of the mixing tips.  I’ve seen it at both Canadian Tire and Home Depot. Here are a few of my tips when using this epoxy…

DIY trophies 6

Don’t twist the tip off the epoxy when you are preparing to use it… snap it to one side.  If you have trouble getting a good grip on it you can use a pair of pliers to grab onto the tip that needs to be broken off.  We don’t want to twist the piece as we don’t want to damage the inside that separates the two tanks. This will ensure that the exit does not get gunked up and glued together when your epoxy is being stored for its next use.

DIY trophies 7

Put on your mixing tip – these only go on one way and then twist into place. Look closely at the tip of the tube and the end of the tip.

DIY trophies 8

Bam!… now you’re ready to get sticking! Now keep in mind that you shouldn’t start squeezing out the epoxy until you’re parts are lined up and ready to go… and try to do as much epoxy work as you can. When you are done your epoxy session the epoxy inside the tip will harden and you will need to change to a new tip.  Now don’t fret if you blow through the two included tips and still have epoxy left. You can squeeze the epoxy out into a small disposable container and combine the two parts by stirring and then apply the epoxy to your surfaces with a skewer or popsicle stick.

DIY trophies 9

I started with epoxying the lose parts together so that they were solidly together for painting.

DIY trophies 10

I placed a small bead of epoxy around the inside edges and pushed all of the parts together until they were set.

Then it was prime time…

DIY trophies 4

Because of the nature of the materials… glass, plastic, metal, and painted surfaces I chose a primer that worked for the variety of surfaces to ensure that the gold paint going on top would adhere and stay!… This extra step is worth the time to ensure proper paint adhesion. These bad boys have to last!… They’re now officially on display at the Bank and Baron!…

For the gold I chose my favourite gold colour at the moment.  Gold by Dupli-Color.  I picked up both primer and paint at Canadian Tire. This gold is found in the automotive section.  I’ve done some tests with a number of gold spray paints so stay tuned for that upcoming blog post to help you pick which gold spray you like the most!

DIY trophies 11

I did my spraying outside… wear gloves if you’ll be holding any of the pieces while spraying.  And if you do a lot of spray painting its good to get yourself a respirator with changeable filter cartridges. (be sure to store your respirator in a ziplock when not is use)… perhaps I best do a blog post on respirators! 😉

DIY trophies 12

The best tips to working with spray paints are to follow the instructions on the can and be patient!  Don’t spray the paint on heavy… give it multiple light quotes and allow adequate drying time.  Let my experience and advice on this one save you some heartache!

DIY trophies 13

Once the pieces were sprayed I had to prep them for epoxying together… In the case of these trophies that would be moved around and held I didn’t feel confident in epoxying one painted surface to another painted surface.  So I removed the paint in the areas that would be epoxied together.

DIY trophies 14

To find out where the epoxy was required I put the shaker into the glass and pressed down while giving the cocktail shaker a little rock from side to side to mark the areas where the surfaces touched.

DIY trophies 15

You can see marks left in the paint…

DIY trophies 16

Next I took an exacto knife and scraped the paint away on the various surfaces down to the base material…

DIY trophies 17

Shaker edge… shaker bottom…

DIY trophies 18

Glass edge… inside of glass… and for the large trophy that was attached to the candlestick I also scraped the paint off of the bottom of the large glass and off of the top of the jar ring as these two surfaces were also going to be epoxied together.

DIY trophies 19

Because the spots I had to epoxy together were so small I decided to use a small inexpensive paintbrush to apply the epoxy.  This ensured that I didn’t over apply and create drips on the nicely painted surfaces.  Once the epoxy work was done all the parts were put aside to set. You can let the brush dry and keep it for future epoxy work… it will be hard but it will still work for getting epoxy onto small areas… or toss it.

DIY trophies 20

Once you’re done with your epoxy remove the mixing tip and place on the cap that is included with the tube and tips. This will ensure that the parts do not mix together and clog up the exit. Be sure to do this over some scrap paper to ensure that any drips are captured there an not on your work surface.  Whenever I work with epoxies and glues I always cover my work surface with paper to ensure that any mess is easily cleaned away!

DIY trophies 21

Now when I was done something just didn’t feel right… they weren’t “trophy like” enough… so I hopped int he car with the trophies and hightailed it to a legit trophy shop to pickup official trophy bases and engraved plates.  I used epoxy to connect the trophies to the bases and then they felt just right!… check them out!

DIY trophies 22


DIY trophies 23


DIY trophies 24

And all together now!

DIY trophies 25

The Episode was filmed on location at the Bank and Baron on Stephen Ave… What an incredible spot!… if you’ve never been and you are in Calgary you should definitely check it out! It used to be a Bank… and is now all around awesome!  In the shot above you can see me telling Kim, Reagan and Sean the story of how I bailed over the curb in front of the house while carrying the big trophy towards the vehicle picking us up to take us to the Bank and Baron for filming… YEP!… I bailed hard… ripped my jeans and scuffed my knee… BUT the big trophy remained intact as I held it up as I fell down!

DIY trophies 26

Here are the bartenders that competed to develop The Kimmy!… Nick was the winner with an incredible cocktail containing peach schnapps, vodka, juice from an orange, lemon and lime topped with neutral slush and prosecco… O. M. G.  it was Yum!

DIY trophies 27

And here is the big prize on display at the Bank and Baron!… if you see it be sure to snap a shot and tag @featheringmynest on Instagram!

What do you think!? leave a note and let me know!… and if you have any questions about the paint or epoxy please fire away!…



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