One Last Hurrah!… {for your favourite old pair of shoes}

October 5, 2015

You know the ones… your favourite shoes that you you wear all the time… flats, heels, wedges, boots… and then the day comes when you realize that they’ve expired… they’re scuffed and just a little too worn looking… well here’s a little how to for you to get a few more wears out of them and to send them out with a bang!… GLITTER THEM!

Glitter Shoes01 Glitter Shoes19

…and then take them out on the town to a special event, a girls night of dancing or well dress up your pair of favourite jeans and a white shirt!… who wouldn’t want to wear glittery shoes every day!?

For this DIY you need the following:

Shoes that are in need of some reloving

Glitter – I used a fine glitter by Martha Stewart that I picked up at Michaels – be sure to go online to get a coupon if you’re picking up supplies at Michaels 😉

Mod Podge

Paint brush

Glue container

Larger container to capture the stray glitter

Glitter Shoes02

For my stray glitter container I used a large sized ziplock – I keep it in with my glitter supplies!… you never know when the mood will hit and you need to glitter everything in your sight!…

Glitter Shoes03

The reason I recommend a container for the mod podge is that you don’t want to contaminate your mod podge container with glitter… pouring the mod podge into a separate container will keep the main container free of glitter…

Glitter Shoes04

…and this will allow you to add some glitter into the mod podge… we want these babies glittery so a little in the mod podge will just help us along in that quest!

Glitter Shoes05

After pouring in some glitter give the glitter a stir in the mod podge and then start painting your shoe with a thin layer… you do not have to paint the whole shoe in one go. Work in sections.  If you do the whole shoe in mod podge in one go by the time you make your way around the glue that you applied first will likely be dry…

Glitter Shoes07

Apply as large an area of the glue as you feel comfortable with… be mindful of the sole edge and getting glue inside of the shoe… if you like you could tape off the sole edge and around the inside edge of the shoe to help keep everything neat and tidy…

Glitter Shoes08

Once you’ve applied the glue hold the shoe over your large container and shake shake shake your glitter on!… Ooo! the sprarkle!…

Glitter Shoes09

…once you’ve covered the glue area give the shoe a couple of taps to knock off the excess glitter.  Then keep working your way around the shoe applying the mod podge, glittering and tapping…

Glitter Shoes10

…glitter…tap, tap…

Glitter Shoes11

…glue, glue, glue…

Glitter Shoes12

…glitter… tap, tap…

Glitter Shoes13


Glitter Shoes15

I think you get it!…

Glitter Shoes17

When your first shoe is complete give it a good tap to knock off all of the excess glitter… set them aside to dry overnight and then give them another tap in the morning… if you are finding that lots of glitter is still coming off you can give them a light vacuum… after vacuuming you would need to give them a second full coat of mod podge and glittering!…

Glitter Shoes19

Now… you don’t have to cover the whole shoe… maybe just the heel is looking a little rough… or maybe you want to bring just a little sparkle to a new pair of your shoes!… try glittering just the heel, or tape off a section of shoe so that you can glue and glitter just that area!… the possibilities are endless!

Glitter Shoes21 Glitter Shoes20

I can’t wait to see how you glitter your shoes!… be sure to come and share some photos of your glittered beauties over at the Feathering My Nest Facebook Page!



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