Pumpkin Candles…

October 12, 2015

Little pumpkin candles make a sweet addition to your Halloween home decor and would look great lining the walkway to your home, or as a cluster of dinner party candles!… these are best if made just a couple days before your intended use as they’re made with real little pumpkins and they will start to shrivel after about one week.  These would even make a sweet hostess gift for a Halloween party!

Pumpkin Candles20

To make some darling mini pumpkin candles of your own you need the following:

Mini Pumpkins – you can find these at the grocery store or farmers markets

Candle Making Wax – I used paraffin as I found a box at Michaels that had been dropped… because if this it was deeply discounted from almost $40 to just $8.  The wax was fine and still usable for making candles!  OR you could recycle wax from old candles.

Candle Wicks – I picked these up from Michaels as well… the prewaxed wicks with the little metal bases already attached.

Candle Scent – again from Michaels, but you could get it at any hobby/craft store or even order online.  Of course I go Pumpkin Spice scent!

Knife – to cut the pumpkin tops off

Melon Baller – to scoop out and cleanup the edge of the hole that you make in the pumpkins

Candy Thermometer – to monitor the temperature of your melting wax

Skewers – to hold your wicks in place while the wax sets

Tin Foil – to cover the work surface when pouring the wax

Double Boiler – to slowly melt the wax

Foil Lined Muffin Cups – to save any leftover melted wax

Pumpkin Candles01


Pumpkin Candles04

Cut the very top off of the pumpkins carefully… they’re a little hard to get started so cut with caution…

Pumpkin Candles05

Clean out the inside of the pumpkins to make room for where the wax will go… I like to use a melon baller… my melon baller came on a bottle of grey goose… or you can pick them up at the grocery store or any store that sells kitchen utensils…

Pumpkin Candles06

The melon baller is really useful in creating a clean edge all the way around the opening into the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Candles07

Once the insides have been cleaned out sit the mini pumpkins on some tinfoil to protect your work surface from the wax that you will be pouring into the candles, and place the wicks inside the candles… I used the metal base to cut into the bottom of each pumpkin on an angle… this way they wouldn’t float out of place as the wax was being poured in.

Pumpkin Candles02

Now to prepare the wax…

For a double boiler I used a pot of boiling water with a metal bowl sat on top.  In the metal bowl I put a few bricks of my paraffin wax and started the water to boil…

Pumpkin Candles03

I reused wax from a previous candle making session… I will show you how to easily save unused wax after your candle pour using metal lined muffin cups.

Melt the wax and bring the temperature up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is the optimal temperature at which to add the candle scent for the scent to properly mix into the paraffin wax.  Follow the instructions on the candle scent package for the brand of scent you are using as well as type of wax to determine how much scent to add.

Pumpkin Candles08

After your scent is thoroughly mixed in turn down the temperature as we want the wax temperature to drop to 170 degrees Fahrenheit before pouring into our little pumpkins… You can even remove your wax melting container and sit it on a towel to dry off and cool down…


Pumpkin Candles09

Have skewers or popsicle sticks holding your wicks upright and carefully pour wax into each little pumpkin… fixing any securing any wicks with your skewers as you move from pumpkin to pumpkin…

Pumpkin Candles10

The skewers steady the wick while the the candles are cooling and setting… to be sure you get a proper set let your candles sit overnight before moving them.

Pumpkin Candles11

If you have wax left over after your pour you can pour it into foil lined muffin cups…

Pumpkin Candles12

The wax will cool… and because the muffin cup is foil lined it will not flatten out when you fill it with wax and it will also release the wax easily once the wax has cooled…

Pumpkin Candles16

Here is the excess dried wax removed from the foil lined muffin cups… store these and you can use them for your next batch of pumpkin spice candles!

Pumpkin Candles13

After the wax has cooled and set cut each of the wicks down to 1/4″…

Pumpkin Candles14

…like so…

Pumpkin Candles15

Now your little pumpkin candles are ready to light up your Halloween events!…

Pumpkin Candles17

Pumpkin Candles18

These are small candles and will last roughly as long as a votive… after you cut the tops off the pumpkins will start to dry out and shrivel so it is best to make them a day or two before you would like to use them as the pumpkins will then be at their freshest and best looking for when you will be using them as candles…

Pumpkin Candles19

I can’t wait to see your pumpkin candles and to hear about what scents you use!… Please come on over to the Feathering My Nest Facebook Page and share some photos of your candles in production and of your finished little pumpkin candle beauties!…



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