Halloween Party Straws…

October 13, 2015

Want to have the cutest party straws in town this Halloween?… Well here’s how you can do it by making your own!…

Party Straws21

To make your own glitter bat party straw you will need the following items:

Paper Straws – I found a package of 12 black and white straws at Michaels in the $1.50 bins!  Score!

Glitter Cardstock – from any craft store selling paper craft items

Scissors/Xacto/Silhouette Cameo

White Glue

Paint Brush

Clothes Pins

Party Straws02

If you have a silhouette cameo this will go very quickly!… find a symmetrical bat file and be sure to cut two for every straw that you want to have at your party… I like each of the bats to be at least 2″ across.

Party Straws01

Don’t fret if you do not have a silhouette cameo… I’ve got another way for you to make your little bats!

Party Straws04

Once you’ve cameoed your bats pick them off the mat and scroll down to pick up where we start glueing the bats onto the straws!

Party Straws05

If you don’t have a cameo you can cut your bats out of your glittered card stock using an xacto knife or scissors… To get started find online, or draw out your symmetrical bats on a piece of white paper…

Party Straws06

If you have carbon paper trace the bats onto the back of your glitter card stock… if you don’t you can make the bats transfer by flipping the paper over and scribbling pencil along the lines of the bats…

Party Straws07

Place the computer paper scribble side down on to the back of your glitter card stock…

Party Straws08

Using the pencil trace the drawing of the bats… use a bit of pressure… your lines will transfer to the back of the card stock because of the scribbling that you’ve done on the back… pressing will transfer that graphite to the card stock!

Party Straws09

Super easy right!? DIY Carbon paper!…

Party Straws10

Now if you have an xacto and cutting mat get to cutting out all of your little bats… be sure to cut two of the same shape bat for every straw!…

Party Straws11

Or if you’re going to scissor it get to snipping!…

Party Straws12

Now pair up your bats if you’re using different shaped ones… OR whatever shape you’e cutting out!…

Party Straws13

Open your white glue and with a brush… for more precise placement… place a dab of glue in the middle of your shape and then a thin layer of glue on the outside edges at both sides of the bat…

Party Straws14

Stick the straw down onto the centre of the bat…

Party Straws15

And place a dot of glue in the centre of the second bat…

Party Straws16

…place this second bat on the opposite side of the first bat that you placed…

Party Straws17

Using the clothing pins nip the outside edges of the bats together around the straw…

Party Straws18

…ta da!..

Party Straws19

Give the glue some time to fully dry before removing the clothes pins to ensure that the two bats are stuck together.

Party Straws22

For just a couple of dollars you have a dozen glitter party straws ready to go for your Halloween event!… or make a set to bring to a Halloween party that you’ve been invited to!… what a great little gift for all of the guests to use for their evening’s beverages!…

Party Straws20


Party Straws21

If you whip up a batch of glitter straw beauties I would love to see!… Please come on over to the Feathering My Nest Facebook Page and share some photos of you making and of your finished straws!



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