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Boho Fairy Lights…

October 19, 2015

Boho Fairy Lights… these are incredibly adorable strings of lights that are colour and texture customizable!… use them indoors in your office or bedroom for some trendy mood lighting, or on a mantle or down a stair railing for the holidays!… the possibilities of looks with these are endless… funky and fun… girly and romantic… its all up to you!

Boho Fairy Lights01

To make these lights you need:

String of lights – I picked indoor warm white lights… if you want to use them outdoors be sure to get outdoor lights. You can usually find strings of LED lights at most big box or hardware stores year round

Ribbons/Fabrics/Yarn/Tulle – to hang from the light to create that darling boho fringe… there are so many colours and textures to choose from!


Boho Fairy Lights03

To prepare your fabric strips from a larger piece of fabric we need to cut even width strips from the fabric… a tip to cut even strips from a larger piece of fabric: determine a width for your fabric strip and make a small snip, about a half inch deep, into the edge of the fabric at your desired thickness…

 Boho Fairy Lights04

We only need to make a small snip… once you’ve snipped pickup the fabic and tear it!… yes tear it!… it will tear straight!… to prep the fabric you may need to do this close to the very edge and then begin to measure over from your freshly ripped edge… This fabric that I’m tearing up!?… a bed sheet… lots of fabric strips from this one!

 Boho Fairy Lights05

Tearing fabric strips does create a little fuzzing at the fabric edge and some loose strings that you need to pull away… the little edge fuzzies add to the boho look of this boho fairy lights garland!

 Boho Fairy Lights07

Cut your ribbons, fabrics strips, and pieces of yarn to different length and using a larks head knot attached the ribbons and things to the light string…

 Boho Fairy Lights08

Fold the ribbon in half, put it under the light string, pickup the tails through the top loop and pull tight around the wire!… bam!… ribbon is attached!…

 Boho Fairy Lights09

You don’t have to do this type of knot for every piece of ribbon that you attach… you can tie some bows, and some half knots, to create some variation in the attachment methods and overall texture of your garland lightstring!…

 Boho Fairy Lights10

Here is the larks head knot pulled tight…

 Boho Fairy Lights15

You can also use the yarn to make little tassels to hang from the light string as well!… for a lightweight yarn like the one you see here I made sixty loops over my four fingers…

 Boho Fairy Lights16

Slide the yarn loops carefully off your hand… and then tie it together at one end using another piece of yarn… leave the tails of this piece long as those are what you will use to tie the tassel to the light string!…

 Boho Fairy Lights17

Next, to make the tassel bobble, tie a string around the set of loops – I like to do it so that the top third is captured as the bobble…

Boho Fairy Lights18

Once all is secured snip the loops at the bottom to free the tassel ends!… after the ends are free flowing you can do some trimming to make the tassel however short and even as you like… I’ve found with the boho light string an uneven ended tassel works great!…

Boho Fairy Lights11

Now continue to attach ribbon, toile, fabric, laces, and whatever other bits you like until your light string is full!…

 Boho Fairy Lights13

Cut the tops and bottoms as necessary to create a look that you love…

 Boho Fairy Lights14

Depending on the length of your light string this could take a little while so put on your favourite tv series, movie or music and have fun creating your very own boho fairy lights!… Here is my completed light string!… I went with creams and whites because those match my home decor.  You could do this with different colours, ribbons, types of fabric and customize your fairy lights for your holidays, events or home decor!…

 Boho Fairy Lights20

I can’t wait to see how you make your light string!… please come on over to the Feathering My Nest Facebook page and share some photos of your boho fairy lights!… and remember like any lighted decoration be sure not to leave these unattended for long periods of time… again these are LED lights and are cooler than the old style incandescent lights.  I’ve had my set up and lit for hours without any issues!…

Bedroom Boho Fairy Lights - 1

Photo by Candice Munro of Buttercream Clothing


Okay I had to share this shot of a set of these boho fairy lights, that I made, hanging above a friend’s bed! Candice has hung them perfectly!





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