Natural Car Air Freshener…

November 2, 2015

For the ‘On The Move Episode’ of Kim’s Kitchen I put together this simple natural car air freshener…

To make your own natural vehicle air fresheners you need:

Dried Lavender – you can usually pickup scoopfuls of dried lavender at local vintage markets… if you can’t seem to find any locally you can order it online!… I ordered mine from Victoria Lavender.  Just look for Bulk dried sachet grade lavender

Organza Bags – I found packages of these little breathable bags at the dollar store!… you can also find them at wedding supply shops

Lavender Essential Oil – Essential oils can be found at health food stores and through companies like Young Living

Natural Car Air Freshener1

This is a simple and cost effective natural air freshener to make yourself.  And these work great in your home as well, in closets, drawers and storage boxes.

Natural Car Air Freshener2

Organza bags come in a number of sizes so pick the size that works best for your vehicle or space and fill them up with dried lavender!… thats it!… its really that easy!… After I made my I ran out to my car and popped one in!… the next time I got into my car it smelled of lavender! fingers crossed it helps calm me while driving around our busy Calgary roads!…

Natural Car Air Freshener4

The lavender essential oil comes into play after your lavender has been in use for awhile and the lovely scent starts to disappear… open up the little bag and drop a few drops of the essential oil into the dried flowers.

Natural Car Air Freshener3

There you have it loves!… smell ya later ;P




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