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Road Trip Pocket…

November 2, 2015

Whenever I had to go in the car for any length of time as a kid… actually I still do this now! HA!… I take a pillow… if a nap is going to be had its going to be had on a pillow. Who has time for a cricked neck from sleeping on a balled up coat!?

This is a quick little DIY that you can do for yourself or for your kids for your next road trip…

Add a pocket, a few pockets… how ever many pockets that you like to your pillow to hold your stuff!… snacks, lip balm, electronics, book, magazines…

Road Trip Pillow Pocket16

To add pockets to your pillows you will need:

Pillowcase – for mine I used pillowcases that I already had

Fabric – I didn’t buy special fabric for these… I used some scraps from aprons that I’d made

Scissor/Cutting Wheel

Iron/Ironing Board

Needle & Thread / Sewing Machine

Stick Pins

Road Trip Pillow Pocket02

To determine the size of my pocket I placed my iPad on my scrap of fabric and made sure there was enough to create a pocket to hold just that very iPad!…

Road Trip Pillow Pocket03

Iron your fabric and then cut a rectangle that is a few inches larger than the item that your pocket is going to hold…

Road Trip Pillow Pocket04

…use scissors or a cutting wheel… whatever you have on hand!

Road Trip Pillow Pocket05

Check it out… pocket fabric is larger than the thing…

Road Trip Pillow Pocket06

…now put the fabric right side down and fold in the four edges for nice clean edges when your pocket is sewn into place… I chose 1″ for my edge… you could go with less if you like – you just want to make sure when you’re sewing your pocket down that the folded piece is fully captured in your sewn seam…

Road Trip Pillow Pocket08

..once your folded edges are ironed in make sure your item will still fit in the pocket…

Road Trip Pillow Pocket07

Now before sewing the pocket down you have to sew across the top edge of the pocket to secure its folded edge!

Road Trip Pillow Pocket09

If you don’t have a sewing machine you can do all of this sewing by hand…

Road Trip Pillow Pocket10

Sew across the top edge and then trim off the strings

Road Trip Pillow Pocket11

Lay your pocket on your pillow case where you want to sew it down.

Road Trip Pillow Pocket12

Pin your pocket in place… making sure that you’re pinning to only one side of your pillow case… pinning the pocket down will keep it in place on the pillowcase while you’re sewing it down.

Road Trip Pillow Pocket13

…now sew the two sides and bottom of your pocket onto your pillow case… again you can sew this by hand if you don’t have a machine!

Road Trip Pillow Pocket14

…remove your pins as you work your way around sewing and when you’re done sewing cut away the string ends… also be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end!

Road Trip Pillow Pocket15

There you have it! Ready to road trip, nap and keep my stuff handy!… if you like you can get all kinds of fancy with your pockets… zippers, buttons, snaps, ric-rac, pompom fringe… I can’t wait to see what you do with yours!  Be sure to come to the Feathering My Nest Facebook page and share some photos of your road trip pillows!




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