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Road Trip Treat Bags…

November 2, 2015

I remember as a kid being on long road trips… before iPads and iPhones… it was even long before DVD’s and DVD players for your vehicle… I’d look out the windows, nap, read, do mad libs, listen to my walkman and eventually discman (!!) and ask “ARE WEEEE THEEEERE YET!?” a lot!…  And even with devices to entertain your kids today while on a long road trip those can get old…

Here’s a sweet little pick me up sure to keep your little ones entertained and distracted on a long road trip!… Pick a time interval for your road trip… for example every hour… then every hour your kids get a little treat bag!.. little toys,  fun snacks… mad libs, comic books… really the possibilities are endless here… and best of all I found all of the things shown here and more from the dollar store for under $20… there are also usually inexpensive bins of neat knick knacks at Michael’s and Superstore!

Road Trip Treat Bags13

Road Trip Treat Bags22

Road Trip Treat Bags23

Now I couldn’t just put more stuff into a prefabbed bag…I wanted to make a custom paper bag for these sweet little treats! so here is how to make sweet little paper bags like the ones pictured above!

You will need:

Paper – like I always say with my DIYs the possiblities here are endless… use gift wrap, use a newspaper, use brown paper, spray paint your kraft paper with metallic spray paint.

Washi tape – I like to use washi for a fun pop of colour

Scissors – to cut your paper

Road Trip Treat Bags14

Start with a square or rectagle of your paper… the larger the piece the larger the larger that you can make your bag…

Road Trip Treat Bags15

…with the right side of your paper down fold in the two end so that they overlap just slightly an then crease your folds.

Road Trip Treat Bags16

Use the washi tape to hold the paper together in the middle.

Road Trip Treat Bags17

Fold up the bottom and crease across… this will become the bottom of your paper bag!

Road Trip Treat Bags18

Pull the folded up piece apart to create a diamond and crease the new edges…

Road Trip Treat Bags20

…now fold the bottom and top of the diamond into the centre and tape into place.

Road Trip Treat Bags21

…tape, tape, tape…

Road Trip Treat Bags01

…the bottom is secure!

Road Trip Treat Bags02

Now we have to prepare the sides… when folding up the diamond you created some folded points… fold in your sides keeping them parallel and line up their bottom corner with the bottom corner folded points you created when making the bottom…

Road Trip Treat Bags03

…fold in both sides and give a good press to the creases!

Road Trip Treat Bags04

Once the side creased have been made you’re getting close!…

Road Trip Treat Bags05

Now open up the bag… we have a little crease fixing to do… see some of the folds are in the wrong direction?  Creasing the layers together gave us the line where our crease needed to be, we just have to fix their direction now!

Road Trip Treat Bags06

…gently fold any misdirected creases into their proper direction – you’ll know them when you see them… think lunch bag!

Road Trip Treat Bags07

That looks much better!… now fix the inside crease by bringing the two outside creases of each side together…

Road Trip Treat Bags08

…like so!

Road Trip Treat Bags13

The last thing to do to prepare your bags is to put in your items and check the height of your bag… if its too tall just snip off the extra!…

Road Trip Treat Bags11

Road Trip Treat Bags12

And there you have it!… you’ve made your very own paper bags!

If you’re not into making the paper bags you could dress up some kraft paper lunch bags using a sharpie to add drawings, jokes, riddles, car bingo items! Or even with stickers, glitters, paints, ribbons – customize them for your kids!




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