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WAKE UP!… Coffee Body Scrub…

November 15, 2015

Coffee scrub is a great way to wake up and start your day… take some time to exfoliate and moisturize with a great pink grapefruit coffee scrub… and what better body scrub than one that you make yourself! The exfoliating salt and sugar and coffee grounds will make your skin feel invigorated… the smell of coffee and pink grapefruit oil smells incredible and the oil used in the scrub will leave your skin feeling so soft!

Coffee Body Scrub13

This scrub also makes a great gift for friends or family!… Just be sure to include a little instruction card and a note to use it within two months.

Coffee Body Scrub01

To make this scrub you will need the following ingredients:

Coffee Beans – 1C – (If you are a coffee drinker you can use your spent grounds) I chose to make fresh grounds for my scrub

Sea Salt – 4tsp

Turbinado Sugar – 4tsp

Apricot Kernel Oil – 1/3C – you should use cold pressed, organic oil – and you have some options here you could use avocado oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil… really the choice of oil is up to you.  I found my oil at a health food store in their beauty section. These can run anywhere from $6 a bottle and up.

Essential Oil – 20 drops – here the scent is really up to you as well… I chose pink grapefruit for a morning scrub… if you’re more of a night town shower person you could choose lavender to calm you and help you sleep… at Christmas you could make peppermint scrubs!… there is a lot of information on the internet about the benefits from the various essential oils.  You can even create oil combinations. I also picked up my oil from the health food store.  I found the prices of essential oils there run from $8 and up. Now a days a lot of people have essential oils in their homes to use everyday from companies like Young Living… you may already have a great essential oil stash to choose from!

Coffee Body Scrub02

If you are grinding your own beans you’ll also need a coffee grinder!… I picked one up at Canadian Tire!… I’m not a coffee drinker myself… but once I got the grinder we picked up a french press for the Pickle (my hubby)… I love the smell of coffee!  I also picked up the bail jar at Canadian tire… they have multiple sizes… the scrub in a jar makes for a great gift… if you are making it just for yourself you can jar it up or go super simple and put your scrub in a ziplock or mason jar.

Coffee Body Scrub03

I like to start by measuring out all of the ingredients… combine the 1/3C of oil and put in your 20 drops of essential oil… measure out the salt and sugar…

Coffee Body Scrub04

…and then grind your coffee beans…

Coffee Body Scrub06

You want a fine grind as you will be washing the coffee grinds down your drain… or you can use a drain catcher and then put the grinds in the garbage after your shower… I’ve not had any issues washing the fine grinds down.

Coffee Body Scrub07

Also… the salt and sugar will be your rough exfoliators… you don’t want big chunks of beans in there too!

Coffee Body Scrub08

Once you beans are ground down stir in your oil… now here is where you can play with your personal mix!… if you want more oil add more oil… if you want a more dry scrub add in more coffee grounds… I’ve found the 1C of ground beans and 1/3C oil with 20 drops of essential oil makes a great consistency scrub…

Coffee Body Scrub09

Once your oil is thoroughly mixed in drop in the salt and sugar…

Coffee Body Scrub10

Here’s a closeup shot of the scrub…

Coffee Body Scrub11

Once your salt and sugar have been stirred in fill up your jars… this makes the perfect amount for a small sealing jar… if you want to make more for gifts you can just double, triple, quadruple the recipe… Each recipe makes just over 1 Cup of scrub and this feels like a great gifting size!…


Coffee Body Scrub12

And there you have it!… you’ve just made your very own coffee scrub!… no go! get! hop in the shower and get to scrubbin!

Coffee Body Scrub13

To use the scrub… hop in the shower and get wet… step out of the water and grab a handful of the scrub… let the hot water run to build up the steam… make this a spa like moment! Gently scrub yourself down with the coffee scrub… don’t fret about your skin staining… the coffee will wash off!… after five minutes rinse off all of the scrub… your skin will be left silky smooth!

Coffee Scrub1

Pin back your hair and have a scrub!… I can’t wait to hear about your variations on this coffee scrub and what scent mixes you come up with!… Be sure to come to the Feathering My Nest Facebook Page and share some photos of you making your scrub… and maybe using your scrub! haha!… this is another great friends night in with some wine DIY!  Everyone has a few laughs, a good time with friends, and a great body scrub to take home at the end of the night!




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  • Janette Ireland December 14, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    Im new to all this making stuff and I hope to carry out some making things in near future thankyou for a brilliant inspiration xxx

    • Lacey Haskell December 15, 2015 at 10:53 am

      Awe! Thank you! and good luck! You’re going to have a ton of fun making! 🙂