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Gold Star Gift Wrap…

November 26, 2015

Okay… I pictured this in my head when I scooped up a couple of my fave goodies for gifting from Frilly Lilly… I got home and got right to work… it worked out so well I had to share a how to with you!… this would work for a variety of sizes of items… you just have to adjust the size of your star to accommodate the goodies inside!…

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 13

To make the gold paper star gift packaging round up the following supplies:

Brown paper – painters floor covering brown paper found in the drop cloth section at Home Depot

Gold spray paint



Sewing Machine

Darling treats from Frilly Lilly

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 2

Starting with the brown paper folded over to create two layers I laid my items to be gifted together and drew a rough star… you can see I made a few lines trying to get it just right… I wanted to ensure it was fat enough to have some room for the treats to be placed inside… along with a little seam allowance…

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 3

Once I had my star I unfolded the pape… with the drawn star facing down I hit the side facing up with gold spray paint…

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 4

The reason for the brown paper is that it is nice and thick… you could do this with gift wraps as well but in that case I would recommend doubling up the paper so that the treasures inside don’t easily bust out.

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 5

Once the paint is dry I refold the paper and cut out two stars using the star that I’d drawn on one side…

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 6

I threaded up my sewing machine with my shiny gold thread and got to work… working my way around the edge of the star… leaving just one side open…

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 7

I overlapped inside corner stitches because I liked the look… if you like you could just turn the corner without stopping… you could use a contrasting thread or a fancy stitch… this is really customizable to how ever you would like it to look…

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 8

Make sure to leave one edge of the star open so that you can load up your star with the Frilly Lilly goodies that you’re gifting… to a very lucky person 😉

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 9

Then press together the open edge and run it through your sewing machine to close up the package!… If you’re not a fan of sewing you could also use washi tape along the border of the star to close it up… and with all of the colours and patterns of washi tape out there you could get really funky with your star!…

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 10

Once the star is sewn up your gift packaging is done!… if you want it to be!… I added a ribbon to this package… you could write the recipients name right on the package or sew on a little gift tag…

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 11

The heavy brown paper holds up perfectly to the contents inside… and looks really neat!… I would LOVE to receive some big gold star packages ANYTIME of year! hehe!

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 12

Here is my star package with a satin ribbon…

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 14

What do you think!?… I can’t wait to see what sewn paper packaging you come up with!… colours, shapes, final touches… the possibilities are endless! Be sure to come by the Feathering My Nest Facebook page to share some photos of your sewn paper gift wrap! and come on back to Feathering My Nest for more how to’s!

Frilly Lilly Gold Star - 15




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