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Darling Striped Vintage Jar Gift Wrapping…

November 27, 2015

If you’re looking for something a little different than a gift bag or box and you’re feeling crafty then I’ve got a sweet little DIY for you… this is a good one to do with friends over a glass of wine and some laughs… I picked up a great little selection of body products from Frilly Lilly and got to work creating some sweet packaging for gifting… Have you been to a Frilly Lilly?… they’re an incredible local boutique with multiple locations all over the city… they have a location in California and also just opened their first location in Edmonton!…

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 16

Gather up your supplies and lets get making:

Little items to gift (I recommend the Argentinian Lemon scented products… they also have other great scents like Sugar Lily and Lavender – my other two faves)

Mason Jar

FAT Paint




Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 1

I started by placing all of the items into the mason jar… to make sure I’d chosen the right size jar for the creams, polish, scent and lip butter…

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 2

If you don’t want the items to clink around inside the jar you could put a little tissue in the jar first to cushion the contents!…

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 3

I had a vision of rough stripes in mind… and pulled out some washi tape and created a few bands around the jar… you can see they’re not even or precise… I wanted the handprinted look for the jar… shabby chic you might say…

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 4

The bands of tape are to help guide me with the second colour… you could do vertical stripes or paint the jar in a solid colour… and then hand paint your stripes on top… how you get the end result is up to you and how you like to paint!…

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 5

Like any paint the first coat is always frightening looking… don’t fret… let the paint dry and give it a second coat… then peel off the tape…

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 6

You could leave the jar like this and with the items in tissue inside your giftee could sneak a peek here and there!… I chose to add a second colour… Gull Grey… it goes perfect with Cashmere Pink…

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 7

…again the first coat is splotchy but once the second coat was on it was nice an opaque…

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 8

BAM!… just like that… it almost looks like a pink and grey bumble bee!… the jar makes for great gift packaging and after the gift has been gifted the jar makes for a great desk accessory!

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 9

After the paint was fully dried I lightly sanded over the surface with a sanding sponge… this breaks any brush strokes and also lightly distressed the paint to give it a more vintage shabby look.

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 10

…then after a quick wipe down to remove the paint dust I gave the jar a waxing to protect the painted surface… the FAT wax is a dream to work with… it’s like you’re moisturizing the piece. Once the wax has been applied all over you give it a light buff…

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 11

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 12

Just like that your jar is finished!…

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 13

Pop in the Frilly Lilly treasures… tie on a ribbon and it’s ready to be gifted!…

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 14

Just. Like. That… a sweet and quick little diy that takes your gift packing up a knotch… or 10 😉

Frilly Lilly Painted Jar - 15

I can’t wait to see what colour combinations and patterns you come up with on your gift package jars!… be sure to come over to the Feathering My Nest Facebook page and share some photos of your painted beauties!




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