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Silver Tray Chalkboards…

November 29, 2015

Have some old silver platters or stainless platters kicking around that you’ve just not used in a long time?… well I’ve got a little DIY for you that is quick and fun and will put those platters to good use 😉

You don’t need a lot of supplies for this one… just chalkboard paint, a paint brush and a silver platter or two… or three 🙂  It gets addictive once you’ve made one!  If you don’t have these platters kicking about you can always seem to find them at second hand stores, such as WINS thrift store, or even at yard sales… Once you have your platter in hand be sure to give it a good wash and dry…

DIY Chalkboard Platter01

You should be able to pickup a quart of chalkboard paint at a local hardware or craft store… I found it at Home Depot… I’ve seen and tried a sprayable version but the finish just isn’t as nice IMO… for a brush I like to use a thin soft bristled brush… thicker brushes will leave more brushstrokes in your finished tray…

DIY Chalkboard Platter02

The first time I painted the first coat of chalkboard paint I almost had a meltdown… it looked terrible… like anything you paint – the first coat never looks great… don’t fret, there is no need to get the first coat blues… it will look completely different once you get your second coat on.  Now, for painting I do not tape off the edges of the tray… I go slow and paint along the edges…  here’s the trick – once the paint is dry use your nail and scrape off any wobbliness 😉  easy peasy!… just go slow and wait until the paint has cured so that you do not peel of more than you were planning.

DIY Chalkboard Platter03

…see… first coat looks terrible…  be sure that the first coat is good and dry before you proceed with your second coat of paint… if you add a second coat while the first coat is still damp you will end up rubbing off the first coat…

DIY Chalkboard Platter04

Once you hit the platter with the second coat the colour is nice an opaque… just like you want it… I don’t fret about my brush strokes too much… you can follow the direction of your platter, or go willy nilly, however you please… just be sure to no go too thick and leave any big ridges or drippy areas… give any of those spots a light brush over to ensure that you’re knocking them down…

DIY Chalkboard Platter05

Second coat is on and dry!… BAM!… if your platter is really large you may need a third coat… again wait until the current coat is good and dry before applying any additional coats…

DIY Chalkboard Platter06

Once you make one… you’ll want to make a few!… these platters make great gifts for friends, family, coworkers, teachers… who knows maybe the mailman might even like one!…

DIY Chalkboard Platter07

I’ve used mine mostly for cute or motivational sayings… you can put some velcro on the back and some onto your wall and display them alongside picture frames in a gallery wall, or use a plate stand to stand one up on a shelf with your favourite saying…

BUT!… before you on the chalkboard you need to let the paint cure for the recommended time on the can… then once the paint is good and cured you need to season the chalkboard so that what you write on it does not permanently imprint… to season your chalkboard take a piece of chalk and lay it on its side on the platter… rub the chalk all over completely coating the chalkboard…then get a cloth or chalkboard eraser and wipe away the chalk… your chalkboard is now seasoned and ready for you to write on and display in your home!… 🙂

silver trays - 1

Chalkboard platters don’t have to be used for sayings only… you can write out a dinner party menu, or use them to number tables at a wedding… I’ve seen them used as cheese serving trays… they’re a great way to display and label a number of cheeses together… BUT note that putting greasy foods on the chalkboards – the grease will stain the paint so be sure to use a little square of wax paper under your cheeses before placing them onto the tray… then write the names of the cheeses around the platter!

DIY Chalkboard Platter08

Here are a few of my trays from markets past!… they’re always quite popular

DIY Chalkboard Platter09

…if the silver tray isn’t quite your colour you can spray paint the platter first so that the colour of the chalkboard edge is whatever colour tickles your fancy!… again the possibilities are pretty endless with this DIY…

DIY Chalkboard Platter10

Have you made these before?  What do you use yours for?

DIY Chalkboard Platter11

If you make some based on this tutorial please feel free to come to the Feathering My Nest Facebook Page to share some photos of your silver platter chalkboards!… I would LOVE to see them!.. and be sure to come back to Feathering My Nest for more tutorials!




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