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Cynthia Frenette Fabric Ornaments…

November 30, 2015

If you don’t know about Cynthia Frenette you have to go check her out!… this woman is such and incredible maker!  You can find her website HERE!

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments01

Cynthia designed this adorable fat quarter that you can purchase from Spoonflower and have shipped right to your door!  She’s even included the instructions for the ornament AND a darling little bunting right on the fabric panel! You can find the bunting tutorial here!

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments02

To make these darling fabric ornaments for your Christmas tree you will need the following items:

Cynthia Frenette Shabby Glittery Ornaments Fat Quarter from Spoonflower


Needle and thread or a sewing machine

Pillow stuffing



Iron – the panel arrives folded and can use an ironing before you get started

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments03

Once you’ve gathered up all of the supplies you are good to get started on making your very own darling fabric ornaments!

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments04

Begin your ornament work by cutting out the matching pieces for each ornament… right around the edge of each print…

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments05

Cynthia has included the seam allowance in the design so no need for fussy measuring or adding the seam allowance yourself!… so handy!

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments06

Next cut a piece of ribbon that will become the little hanger for hanging the ornament on your Christmas tree!… I chose this sweet black vintage ribbon that I’ve had in my stash now for some time… just waiting for the right application!… and these Cynthia Frenette glittery ornaments are just that thing! 🙂

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments07

Place the ornament pieces right side together and pin the loop of ribbon inside so that you sew it into place while working your way around the ornament!  We need to sew it together inside out and leave a little space along the edge that isn’t sewn for turning it right side out – this way the sewn seams will be inside of the ornament…

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments08

The first time I did this… and I got confused on the inside and sewed the ribbon into the wrong spot… so I’ve taken a few photos to show you how to put the ribbon in!

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments09

Basically we’re making a ribbon sandwich… the ribbon is inside between the two right sides of the fabric!… I know… easy… I’m not sure how I messed it up the first time!


Cynthia Frenette Ornaments10

To sew you can use a sewing machine or handsew around the ornament… because of its petite size I chose to handsew because I would have better control of where the stitches were going that way. Once you get almost all the way around tie off the thread and leave an opening just big enough to turn the ornament right side out…

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments11

Like this!

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments12

…then turn the ornament…

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments13

You did it!… ribbon in is the right spot, and the ornament is right side out…

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments14

…now is stuff time…

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments15

…you can stuff as little or as much as you like…

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments16

I like the look of a fairly stuffed ornament.

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments17

Once you are happy with your amount of stuffed fluff tack together the little opening that was left for turning the ornament… I used a whip stitch to close up the opening.

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments18

Once you’re finished closing up the opening tie a knot and snip off the extra thread… then you’re done!…

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments19

Then you want to repeat this with all of the other ornaments on the fat quarter!… you can even get a little fancy and add some surface embellishments to your ornaments… beads… sequins… little buttons…

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments20

Cut out… sandwich a ribbon… sew around leaving an opening… turn ornament right side out… stuff… stitch up… hang on tree!…

Cynthia Frenette Ornaments21

…then sit back with an eggnog and admire the fine work you’ve just done!

I hope you enjoyed these darling little ornaments!… When you make yours please come to the Feathering My Nest and Cynthia Frenette Facebook pages and share some photos of them in progress and finished on your tree! Cynthia and I would love to see them!  And be sure to come back to the Feathering My Nest website for more how to’s!




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  • Cynthia December 1, 2015 at 10:08 am

    Oh my gosh Lacey you did it again! You rock, this is awesome! What a great tute, I’ve linked thru from my blog so people can see you work your magic on them! Woohoo! <3

    • Lacey Haskell December 1, 2015 at 10:25 am

      So fun! 🙂 Yours are just too darling! The show was on again this morning – I shared the playback schedule on the FMN facebook page – Twinkle and I name dropped you! 🙂 You can check it out online on the livestream website – I’ll email you the link! 🙂