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Christmas Ball Wreath…

December 2, 2015

I see big box stores selling ornament wreaths but they’re never just how I would like them to look… nor are they big enough… so I got to work and whipped one up and made a tutorial to share with you how to make your own ornament wreath!

Ball Wreath - 1

Gather up your supplies!… for this wreath I used the following:

Straw wreath form from Michaels – be sure to use a 40% off coupon – you can always find them online and have the cashier scan your phone!

Garland – in a colour that you like – depending on how fuzzy the garland is you could need anywhere from 6 – 12m of garland

Shatterproof ornaments – you can usually find large packs with various sizes – I recommend at minimum 100 ornaments!  I even picked up some smaller balls that matched the multi colour set from the dollarstore to fill in the last few spots on the wreath

Metal ornament hooks

Mini pliers

Glue Gun

Ball Wreath - 7

This is where we get our repurposing on!… starting with your ornament hooks bend the two ends out to create a straight piece… and then bend the whole piece in half…

Ball Wreath - 8

…by bending the hooks in half we’re creating little metal pins that will help secure the ornaments in place on the straw wreath form… BAM! Ornament hooks to ornament wreath pins… you could use metal florist picks if you like, but those can get costly.  You can pick up a package of these plain ornament hangers for just a couple dollars and you’ll have enough hooks for multiple wreaths!… you’ll even have some left over for hanging your ornaments!

Ball Wreath - 9

I find it best to start out by making a pile of the little metal pins… you’ll be surprised how quick this part goes!… like I mentioned in the BT segment this wreath is a good netflix marathon diy! 🙂

Ball Wreath - 2

Now get your wreath form and garland out… you can see I also papered my working surface… the straw wreaths can be messy when you’re working with them… and hot glue as well!  No need to worry about the wreath dropping straw once you’re finished… being wrapped in garland helps to hold in all of the straw bits!…

Ball Wreath - 3

Take the end of the garland and pin it to the wreath… put a couple dots of hot glue on the tips of the pin and push it into the wreath form to hold the end of the garland into place…

Ball Wreath - 4

Working around the wreath keep wrapping with the garland until you’ve fully covered the straw wreath form…

Ball Wreath - 5

When you make it around to where you started cut the garland and pin it into place with another little metal pin and a couple dots of hot glue.

Ball Wreath - 6

BAM!… garland wreath… these actually look cute like this when the garland is wrapped a little closer! 😉

Ball Wreath - 10

Now, before we get to work pinning and gluing on ornaments we need to loop a ribbon around the wreath… this will be our wreath hanger when the wreath is completed…

Ball Wreath - 11

I like to pin the ribbon into place after I loop it around itself… just to keep it secure and to help it from slipping around… don’t forget a couple dots of glue!… see the pin in each side of the ribbon?…

Ball Wreath - 12

…and just like that the wreath has a built in ribbon hanger… you can use a matching or contrasting ribbon – whatever you like! This is your wreath after all!

Ball Wreath - 13

Now it’s time to get to work pinning ornaments onto the wreath…

Ball Wreath - 14

Start by passing a pin through the hook on the ornament… I start by using all of the largest of the ball ornaments… then I move to the next size down once I’ve run out of large ornaments…

Ball Wreath - 15

…then place dots of glue onto the ends of the little metal pin…

Ball Wreath - 16

…then push the metal pin into the straw wreath form… I found that using little pliers push the pin I can get it into the wreath form more quickly…

Ball Wreath - 17

I also put hot glue on the top of the ornament after it is in place, to additionally secure it to the wreath… you can also put a dot of glue on the side of the ornament and press it to the wreath, or to the ornament next to it to really secure it to the form…

Ball Wreath - 18

Repeat this pinning and gluing process around the outside edge of the wreath…

Ball Wreath - 19

…add additional glue to tops of the ornaments to secure them to the wreath and to the side of the ornaments and press them to the wreath or to the ball next to them…

Ball Wreath - 20

You can work flat or hang the wreath and work like that… whatever you find most comfortable and convenient… I like to work with the largest christmas balls around the outside edge of the wreath…

Ball Wreath - 21

…and also around the inside edge of the wreath…

Ball Wreath - 22

glue, pin, glue, pin, glue, pin, glue…

Ball Wreath - 23

working away until the outisde and inside edges are filled up…

Ball Wreath - 24

Then I use up an of the left over large ornaments and place them on the face of the wreath…

Ball Wreath - 25

Once all of the large ornaments are used up I start on the medium sized ones working all over the face of the wreath… and yep you guessed it! Once all of the medium ornaments have been used up I fill in the face with the small ornaments… and you can go with tiny ornaments too if you like… really the amount of ornaments that you use is up to how you like it!  Check out my wreath filling up…

Ball Wreath - 26

Once the face starts filling up and its hard to get the pins down to the wreath form you can stop pinning and glueing the ornaments in place and switch to just gluing the small ornaments onto the wreath form and the ornaments around it… this is where things really speed up!

Ball Wreath - 27

Ball Wreath - 28

In total this wreath took about an hour and a half to two hours to complete… while I was watching a Christmas moving, and instagramming and fending off kitties who wanted to get in on the crafting action!…

Ball Wreath - 29

In very cold climates, like here in Calgary, these wreaths are best used indoors as the glue won’t hold up well outdoors in the extremely gold temperatures! If you are wanting to put this wreath outside be sure to use an outdoor compatible glue!

And here is the red, greed and gold mixed wreath that I’ve made!  There are some great ornament sets out this year!… I found great colours at Canadian Tire and at Superstore!… at really great sale prices! *score* These wreaths make for great seasonal decor for yourself, and make for a fun girls night in… and if you’re looking for a stellar hostess gift then this would be it!… just ask your hostess her holiday decor colour scheme and find those colours in ornaments! 🙂

Ornament Wreath

I would LOVE to see your wreath when you get it all done!… and even some in progress shots if you’re up for it!… please come on over to the Feathering My Nest Facebook page and share a few shots of your wreath!… and then be sure to check back here at Feathering My Nest for more tutorials… or subscribe over there on the right side of this page and get each new blogpost sent directly to your inbox!  You won’t miss a thing! 😉

Looking forward to seeing your wreath!  OH!… and checkout the BT Extra Video of Craig Larkins and I making this wreath here!




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  • Cynthia December 6, 2015 at 9:41 am

    So cool!! I love the large size of the wreath and all the layers of ornaments, plus the colour combo is beautiful, so awesome! 😀

    • Lacey Haskell December 6, 2015 at 10:05 am

      Thank you Cynthia! 🙂