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Vintage Styled Trees…

December 14, 2015

I just love these little bottle brush trees that come out during the Christmas season!… True vintage bottle brush trees are getting harder to come by so I’ve put together this tutorial to show you how to make your own vintage styled tress!… You can use clusters of these trees around your home as seasonal decor… or place them in jars with faux snow to make your own snow globes!…

Vintage Trees23

To make your very own vintage styled bottle brush trees you will need to gather up the following items:


Container – to put your bleach in that your trees can be fully submerged in. I found these great glass containers at the dollar store!… or you could use a bucket if you are doing multiple trees at once!

Mini christmas village trees – I found mine at Canadian tire in with the christmas items, you can also find them at the dollar store and at craft and hobby shops!

Fabric dye and water – I picked my fabric dye up at a craft supply store


Glitter – for a true vintage look I chose to work with pure silver German glass glitter

White Glue

Little Paint Brush

Vintage Trees01

Lets get started shall we?!… I prepare the bleach in my container… I do a 50/50 bleach to water mix… if you want your trees to lighten faster then use more bleach!… but be sure to be careful and wear gloves if you are splashy – and perhaps work in your sink or laundry tub!

Vintage Trees02

In this tutorial that I shot I had the base on the tree.. you can pluck these off entirely and put them aside… we’ll need them later but there really isn’t any need to dunk them in the bleach or dye…

Vintage Trees03

…using the tongs dunk a tree into the bleach and give it a swish around…

Vintage Trees04

…you will see the colour begin to bleach out preeeetty quickly!

Vintage Trees07

It could take up to a couple of minutes to get it really nice and white…  give it a swish and then pull it up to check!… I recommend having a scrap towel on hand in case it drips bleach…

Vintage Trees09

…go ahead and bleach all of your trees… like I mentioned if you are going to do a number of them try using a bucket and tossing a pile in at once… they’ll take a little longer in there all together but they’ll lighten just the same!

Vintage Trees10

Once you’ve bleached your trees give them all a rinse under running water… This will also wash away all of the fake snow that is on the branches…

Vintage Trees11

Once they’re all rinsed of the bleach the trees need to dry!… if you’re impatient you can dry them with a hairdryer!… 🙂

Vintage Trees12

If you like the look of the cream trees then you’re done as far as your tree work!… if you want to colour some of your trees fill a container with hot water and pour in some dye… for this I don’t use the instructions on the dye bottle… I just pour and test… the more dye you use the quicker the tree will dye!  I chose pink for this tutorial because it was the dye that I had on hand… the colour options you have are only limited by the colour dyes that you can find!  Go wild and make a rainbow of trees if you like or choose colours that match your holiday decor… red… blue… whatever you love!

Vintage Trees13

When dying I’ve found it works well to give an initial dunk, then pull the tree back up to see how quickly it is picking up the colour… if its really light then give it another dunk and a swish and then pull it up and check again!

Vintage Trees14

…dunk… and check until you are happy with the colour… then give it one extra dunk!

Vintage Trees15

… when you rinse the dye the colour will lighten slightly… (hence the extra dunk) if you want the colour more intense you can always give it another go in the dye!…

Vintage Trees16

…I rinse the coloured tree in the sink to remove any excess dye…

Vintage Trees17

Then lay them out to dry… again if you’re impatient you can bust out the hairdryer and dry them more quickly!

Vintage Trees18

While the trees are drying prepare the bases!… get out your paintbrush, glue, and glitter…

Vintage Trees19

Paint each base with a thin layer of white glue…

Vintage Trees20

…then sprinkle the glue covered base with glitter!…

Vintage Trees21

Once the base has been glittered put a little dab of glue on the bottom the tree trunk and place the tree back into the base… then sit them aside to fully dry!… And there you have it!… you’ve just made your very own vintage styled bottle brush christmas trees!…

Vintage Trees22

Please take some photos of your trees in progress and of your finished trees all setup for the holidays and come and share them with everyone over at the Feathering My Nest Facebook page!  I can’t wait to see your tree colour and glitter base combinations and how you decorate your home with them!…  and come back to Feathering My Nest for more tutorials!




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  • Janette Ireland December 14, 2015 at 5:32 pm

    Love this splendid idea

    • Lacey Haskell December 15, 2015 at 10:53 am

      Thank you Janette! 🙂

  • Debbie Ball December 15, 2015 at 7:18 pm

    For the life of me I can’t figure out how the dye takes to the tree after the tree has been bleached! When I have spilled dye on clothing and the tried to re-dye, the bleached spots just stay white! At any rate, your trees are gorgeous and I’m going to try your method!! Beautiful!

    • Lacey Haskell December 15, 2015 at 7:24 pm

      Hi Debbie!… whatever the little bristles are made of seem to soak up the dye!… I didn’t think to think of it because it just worked! 😉