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Kaboom!… Bath Bombs!…

January 5, 2016

Get ready to get relaxed and moisturized!… Here is the tutorial for bath bombs that we made on S2 E6 of Kim’s Kitchen as a great hostess gift!… if you don’t know what wine your hostess likes or if she’s a non drinker this is a great heartfelt thank you!… These also make great gifts for any occasion… and to well… treat yo self!

I love a nice bath… and a bath without a bath bomb is not a bath at all… buying bath bombs at Lush can get pricy at $6+ each per bath bomb.  The cost of these bath bombs using the ingredients, that I’ll tell you about below, works out to $2.20 per bomb plus a handful of fizzy tabs!

Bath Bombs29

Don’t be scared!… making a pro looking bath bomb is not near as hard as you think it may be!… and I’ve done some trial and error for you!… You should have seen my first three… they were awful!  lol… but that’s all good!… I’ve learned things that I can now share with you!

To make bath bombs you will need:

Baking Soda – 1/2C – I picked this up from a bulk store! Bulk Barn!

Cornstarch – 1/4C – like the baking soda you may already have this in you pantry but you can also pick it up at a bulk store!

Epsom Salts – 1/4C  I was surprised to find epsom salts at the bulk store too but there they were! and the prices were great!

Citric Acid – 1/4C – I also found citric acid at the bulk supply store but only in a very small quantity… the best place to find larger quantities of citric acid is to call up your local wine making shops to see who has some available!

Base Oil – 20ml (1Tbsp + 1tsp) – I had Apricot Kernal Oil left over from making coffee scrub… you can pickup a great selection of oils at Healthfood stores.  Make sure you’re using organic cold pressed vegetable, fruit or nut based oils… you could go with Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Safflower Oil… do a little hunting on the web and find out what the benefits of each of the oils are and then pick the one that works best for you!

Essential Oil – 5 drops – I picked up my oils at a healthful store… again do a little research online to see which essential oils will work to relax you, invigorate you, help when you have a cold… there is a large selection all with great benefits… you can even combine oils to make custom mixes and smells!

Water – 1Tbsp 

Food Colouring – if you don’t have any in your pantry you can easily find food colouring at any grocery store

Candy Molds  I also found these at the bulk supply store… you can pick them up at a craft supply store like Michael’s as well

Two Part Christmas Ball ornament – 1 – if you are just making one batch as detailed here you only need one ball ornament… I picked up the $1.69 size ball… I got one ball and a few candy mold tabs out of this batch size

Bath Bombs01

Store your dry ingredient In sealed jars or bags… you want to make sure they stay good and dry when not in use…

Bath Bombs02

Gather up your supplies… I used a larger container of water and then pulled my 20ml out of that instead of going from the tap straight into the measuring spoons…

Bath Bombs03

I also rounded up my tools… a towel to lay the finished bombs on, whisk, bowls, mixing bottle, spatula, measuring cups, sieve…

Bath Bombs04

You can even use ice cube trays as molds for your smaller fizzy tarts from any left over bath bomb mixture… I chose peanut butter cups, a cherry cordial mold and a cute flower ice cube tray!…

Bath Bombs06

Combine the baking soda, citric acid and corn starch… drop these three ingredients into your sieve over your mixing bowl… this will help ensure that any lumps are worked out…

Bath Bombs08

After you get these three thought he sieve and into the bowl drop in the epsom salts…

Bath Bombs09

Give the dry ingredients a whisk together… don’t be too aggressive or you’ll send up a dust cloud… and you don’t want to be inhaling citric acid dust… it is safe to work with but you just have to be sure not to inhale it or get it into your eyes in its dry powered form.

Bath Bombs10

Next prepare the wet mix… combine the 20ml of base oil, 5 drops of essential oils, food colouring and water…

Bath Bombs11

Bath Bombs13

For the amount of food colouring you can decide how much works for you… I used 7 drops of red to get the pink pictured here… once everything is together give it a mix…

Bath Bombs14

…shake, shake, shake…

Bath Bombs15

Now this is where things start to come together… pun intended… very slowly add your wet mix into your dry mix stirring constantly… if you add the liquid too fast you’ll kick off the fizzing process… be patient and go slow…

Bath Bombs16

Don’t fret if you feel it looks funny… keep mixing..

Bath Bombs17

Bath Bombs18

When all of your liquid is used up you will have a sandy looking mixture… when you squeeze a handful together it will hold its shape.

Bath Bombs19

Now grab the christmas ball.. we’re going to overfill both sides…

Bath Bombs20

I even press down in the centre to partially compact it and overfill it again…

Bath Bombs21

Once you have both sides overfilled press them together…

Bath Bombs22

…squish, squish, squish… squash the two sides together until the ball mold connects… it can be done!

Bath Bombs23

See!… it all fit in and the excess falls away outside the seam… now set this aside… we’re going to leave it in the mold for 24 hours to dry… yep… you need some serious patience.

Bath Bombs24

The quantities note above make one ball and a handfull of fizzy bath tarts… take any extra after your ball mold and compress it into your candy molds…

Bath Bombs25

I like the backs of my little tarts to be even and neat so I use my little cake icing spatula to clean off any excess… you can push that into another mold until you’ve used all of your mixture up…

Bath Bombs26

After your bath bomb has sat in its mold for 24 hours lightly tap the plastic with a spoon to help ensure a smooth release of the bath bomb…

Bath Bombs27

…when you release the bath bomb place it on a soft towel while you are getting ready to package up your goodies!

Bath Bombs28

There!…  You’ve done it! 🙂 you just made your very own beautiful bath bombs!

Bath Bombs29

To release the little fizzy tabs turn the mold over onto the towel and give a light tap to any that don’t just drop out of the mold…

Bath Bombs30

These make great gifts!… in bomb and tab form… you can store them in sealing jars… the one below found at ikea!… or you can wrap them in little plastic treat bags and tie with a ribbon.  If you’re going to store them in your bathroom be sure to keep them in a container so that they’re not affected by the moisture before you’re ready to use them!… the possibilities here are endless regarding colours and scents!… you could whip up a batch of Get Well Soon tabs with eucalyptus and peppermint, relaxing bombs with lavender and even add in some dried lavender flowers!

Bath Bombs31

…and after that beauty shot checkout my late night kitchen bath bomb research session fails!… the white ones had too much oil and I did not leave them in the mold to set so they flattened out a little and turned into blobs… the cracked one I also removed from the mold too early but also did not have enough oil in it… its dry in Calgary!… leaving it in the mold to dry may have helped with the cracking as it would have dried much more slowly, but overall it was a very crumbly bath bomb!

Bath Bomb Fails1

Bath Bomb Fails2

This would be another fun night in with friends, wine and a few laughs! I can’t wait to see what colour and scent combinations you come up with!… come and share some shots of you making and of your finished product over at the Feathering My Nest Facebook Page! and be sure to come back to Feathering My Nest for more tutorials… and if you would like to receive new posts via email drop your email address into the box over there in the bar on the right hand side! 🙂




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