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Old Leather Coat to Business Card Holder…

April 24, 2016

Business Card Holder Gold Leaf - 3

I love trading or handing out my business cards to new people that I meet, and finally putting a face and name on a person… no longer just knowing them by their business name!… and what better way then to pull your business card out of a sweet business card holder that you made yourself from an old leather coat!?… and with gold leaf!? Oooo girl!… you’re going to make an impression 😉

Business Card Holder - 14

But first we have to rustle up our supplies:

Leather – to create the leather business card holder I treasure hunted a leather jacket from WINS to repurpose/upcylce/reuse/relove… I love “relove” I didn’t go with a incredibly thick or stiff leather as I wanted it to be easier to work with and soft to the touch.

Pattern – I drew up and scanned the patters that I created… you can download the rectangle business card pattern HERE or the square pattern HERE


Rotary Leather Punch – I purchased mine at a friendly neighbourhood craft store, or you can find them at leather supply stores

Screw post button studs – again at that craft store or a leather supply shop


Optional – Gold leaf sheets, leafing adhesive sizing, leaf sealer and a paint brush – you can find these items located together at craft stores.

Business Card Holder - 1

There are a lot of leather jackets out there to be thrifted – many colours and finishes of leather… I went with a long brown duster knowing that the larger panels would yield more large pieces of leather so that I could produce seamless business card holders.

Business Card Holder - 2

Using scissors pull take apart the leather panels by snipping the threads in the seams…

Business Card Holder - 3

…to keep things neat I also cut away any linings that are adhered to the leather – usually along edges of the coat or along the seams around the pockets and neckline.

Business Card Holder - 4

Once the panel of leather that you want to use has been freed, from the coat, prepare your pattern… Print the pattern that you can download from the links above in the materials list on a piece of 8.5 x 11 cardstock. Cut out the cardstock template and punch out the holes using the smallest hole on the rotary hole punch. I’ve included patterns for the typical rectangle business cards and for a 2.5″ square business card…

…and as you can see from the pattern if your business card is an odd shape making your own pattern will take you just a couple sheets of paper to hammer out… just remember to leave some space around the edges of the card in your pattern to account for the holder holding a stack of your cards.

Business Card Holder - 5

Use the cardstock template to trace the business card holder shape onto the leather… don’t forget the holes!… be sure you’ve used the smallest hole for the template so that you are only transferring a small mark for each of the holes. Using a small mark ensures that the mark will be fully removed when you punch the slightly larger hole for the screw post. After everything is marked take your snipsnips {aka scissors} and cut out the leather business card holder along the inside edge of the marker line – cutting away the marker from your finished piece.

Business Card Holder - 6

Now for the post holes… check the post size on the button studs and use the corresponding size hole on the rotary punch to make the holes on the two side wings and bottom flap of the business card holder…

Business Card Holder - 7

Place the screw post in the middle of the business card holder and fold the sides over the post… poking the post up through the holes you have created as you fold them over… wing, wing, bottom… then screw the button stud onto the post…

Business Card Holder - 10

Now for the top flap… we don’t want a hole the exact size as the button stud head as the holder won’t be able to keep itself closed… because the leather has some give we need to make the hole slightly smaller than the button stud head… the hole will stretch to accommodate the stud closure.

Business Card Holder - 11

…if you’re unsure of which size hole will work perfectly then start with a small hole and test out the fit… if the hole doesn’t work itself over the button stud head then make the hole one size larger and test it out again…

Business Card Holder - 12

Now the leather gives you options in regards to finish – you can go with the finished leather side OR you could flip the piece over and have the suede back of the leather be the outside of your business card holder!

After assembling my first with the leather side out I figured that I’d try it suede side out… I loved the suede look WAY more for my business card holder…. to flip the inside to the outside remove the button stud and reinstall it with the finished leather on the inside as you fold the flaps over to install the button stud.

There are also snaps that you could get for your closure if you wanted a snap closure instead… these business card holders are pretty customizable and the possibilities will go as far as your creative brain will take them.

Business Card Holder - 13

Now it wouldn’t be a Feathering My Nest DIY if I didn’t show you an option to kick it up a few notches 😉 If you frequent the Feathering My Nest blog, pinterest or instagram accounts you know I like gold, like a lot, and I like to apply gold leaf onto things… well as it turns out you can gold leaf leather!…. so if you would like hints of that golden goodness pull out your adhesive sizing and paint it onto the areas that you would like to gold leaf… as you can see here I applied the leaf so it would peek-a-boo at the sides.

I found that the leather was a bit thirsty so after the first application of sizing had set I applied a second coat of the sizing before applying the gold leaf… and as you do after gold leafing carefully apply a thin layer of the gold leaf sealer, to the gold leaf only, to help protect that beauty gold finish.

Business Card Holder Gold Leaf - 2

There you have it fancy AF girl boss business card holders… I would love to see what treasure hunted leather goodies you turn up and turn into your very own business card holders… when you get yours made please share a photo of the making or of the finished holder on instagram and tag @featheringmynest or come on over to the Feathering My Nest Facebook Page and share some photos with me and everyone else there!

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