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May 9, 2016

When I was little I got to play with all of the tools and supplies while my mom created… I was creating along side her with her guidance… she was always making something…  ceramics, tole painting, decorative faux finishes on the walls of our house, beeswax candles, she made every christmas ornament you can think of… She was given power tools for special occasions… Mother’s Day!? Here’s a palm sander!… Birthday!? Here’s a scroll saw… I owe my creativity to my mother… you could say “I got it from my Mama.”  She let me play with the glue gun, showed me how to take care of my paint brushes… how to sew…

If you want to get crafty with your littles this is a great little DIY to teach them cutting, sewing and simple embroidery… and they’ll have a finished product at the end that they’ll be beaming to have displayed in their very own nests!  This is completely customizable!  I’ve made a sleepy rain cloud and raindrops… customize it to your littles favourite things!… for example if they’re into outer space you could make a rocket and planets!

Felt Cloud - 38

Let’s gather up the supplies!

Felt – pick colours that go with your theme… I utilized two sheets per colour in two different sizes of felt – the 8×10 regular size and a larger almost 11×17 size… the larger size felt worked perfect for creating a nice substantial cloud shape.

Embroidery Floss – I chose colours that matched the felt that I had chosen, and black floss for the little eyes and eyelashes, if you like you could use contrasting colours… its up to you… get creative! There are a lot of great colours of floss available… even shimmery and metallic ones!

Bakers Twine – I chose a white and blue bakers twine to attach the rain drops to the cloud

Pillow Stuffing – I used fluff from the inside of an old pillow

Embroidery Needle – bigger needles will be easier for your littles to get ahold of, thread and sew with… you can even get plastic needles that are pretty pointy if you prefer they not tackle metal needles just yet, and the plastic needles will pass through the felt


Fabric marker with fading ink

Felt Cloud - 1

Using a piece of paper draw up and cut out a paper raindrop… This paper raindrop will become your paper template!  Use the paper template and a marker traced out six raindrops on a sheet of felt… then stack two pieces of felt and cut out the raindrops… I found that I could comfortably fit six raindrops on my regular size of felt. By cutting through two sheets of felt at once you’ll have a back and front for each raindrop that you want to make!

Felt Cloud - 2-5

Once the raindrops are cut out use your fading fabric marker to draw two sleepy eyes onto six raindrop pieces… Now comes time to embroider on the eyes… for the highest contrast I used black floss for the eye stitches… the stich that you use is up to you but I went with the back stitch to create my little eye shapes with little eyelashes… to checkout different stitches check out this great embroidery stitch guide!  if you want just little dots for eyes you could use little french knots!… that would be just darling!

Felt Cloud - 6-9

Once you have all of your raindrops little eyes embroidered on grab a back piece for that raindrop and while holding the two sides together (right sides out) stitch around the two pieces using a running stitch…  before you make it all the way around the raindrop stop stitching, leaving a little opening… but don’t tie off your thread here…

Felt Cloud - 10

…using your pillow fluff stuff the little rain drop so that it is puffs up… once you’re satisfied with the amount of stuffing in your raindrop you can finish stitching the raindrop closed and tie off the thread with a little knot at the back…

Felt Cloud - 11-14


Felt Cloud - 15

Okay what’s a DIY without a cat shot!? seriously… I can’t work on anything without Oliver getting into it!… luckily he got into this and had a nap!… if I was knitting!? now thats a whole other story!… there is no sleeping when balls of yarn are out!… even as I sit here pecking away at my keyboard typing up this tutorial Oliver is laid on my desk between my forearms with his front paw reached out onto my right hand! 🙂

Felt Cloud - 17

Once you have your desired number of raindrop embroidered, stuffed, and stitched up set them aside and lets get working on the big puffy cloud!

Felt Cloud - 18-23

For the cloud I drew it big and bubbly to use up as much of the felt as possible… again place a second sheet of felt under the one that the shape is drawn on and cut out the two sides at the same time… then embroider eyes onto one side of the cloud… because the cloud is much larger I doubled up the embroidery floss for the stitches to make the eyes and I made the stitches proportionally larger to suit the size of the cloud.

Felt Cloud - 24

…aaawe… a cloud and raindrops with eyes…

Felt Cloud - 25

Now, just how we stitched around the raindrops we have to do the same with the cloud… using a larger running stitch work around he cloud stitching the two sides together… leaving the bottom open to stuff it with fluff…

Felt Cloud - 26

…now stuff that fluff!…

Felt Cloud - 27

When you feel there’s enough fluff stuffed stitch the bottom of the cloud up to hold all that fluffy stuff in!… Can you see the shimmer in the floss that I’ve used to stitch the cloud together!?… its got a silver shimmer… every dark cloud has a silver lining right!?… this would be a great time to talk about looking for the shimmery good thing in something that may be a little cloudy 🙂

Felt Cloud - 28

So that you can hand this master piece up when it is complete take a piece of floss and pass it in and out of the back of the cloud, tying a knot while leaving a loop of thread.

Felt Cloud - 29

…just like…

Felt Cloud - 30


Felt Cloud - 31

hehehe I love how cut these things look with eyes!… the cloud sleepily sits back just waiting for the raindrops to be installed! 😉

Felt Cloud - 32

This is where I used the bakers twine… cut a long piece of the bakers twine and thread it onto a needle… run the thread through he bottom edge of the cloud and tie a knot at the back to keep the thread from pulling all the way through… next pickup the top of the raindrop through the front with the threaded needle… hang up the cloud and see how long you’d like the raindrop to hang… when you have it at the length you’d like tie a knot in the bakers twine at the back of the raindrop and trim away any excess twine… if you want to add little bows at the top of each rain drop and at each connection point at the base of the cloud nows a great time!… things with eyes and little bows!? super cute!

Felt Cloud - 33-38

Check out those itty bitty bows!

Felt Cloud - 38

I mentioned variations on this DIY earlier… here I have a moon and stars!… using gold embroidery floss only!… so sparkly and fun!… the possibilities are endless!… get brainstorming with your littles and start whipping up some super fun wall hangings!

Felt Cloud - 41

Felt Cloud - 39

I hope you have fun teaching your littles how to cut and embroider and sew to make some of their own decor!… and hey if you’re not feeling the wall hanging you could make a set of pillows!… GIANT RAINDROPS!? …one per sheet of felt… how fun would it be to have a bed or seating area full of raindrop pillows with sleepy eyes!… how darling would that be!?  I can’t wait to see what you make together!… please come on over to the Feathering My Nest Facebook Page and share some photos of your creations!




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