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IKEA Lack Hack to Built in Look Shelf…

August 21, 2016

I mentioned this IKEA LACK Hack DIY awhile back… now that the half bath reno has been completed I now have finished shots of our IKEA Lack Hack to complete this DIY and to share with you!  I think that anyone who lives in a city with an IKEA has at least one LACK floating shelf in their home!… we had F O U R of them sitting in the basement that had been in use in the first couple years of owning our home but we had taken them down a couple years back and they just sat in the basement waiting for their time to come once again.

IKEA Lack Hack - 1

Once again came along this past winter when I was looking at the main level half bath one day… it is a ittle bittle space of a half bath… and until the new vanity was installed just this past summer there was zero storage in there… zip… zilch… nada… and the only wall where a shelf could fit had an odd angle on one side…

IKEA Lack Hack - 13

I proposed the idea to the Pickle of cutting the LACK shelf to fit the space… an IKEA Lack Hack!… we held up the shelf as best we could in the odd space to get a rough look… worst case scenario was that we didn’t like it when it went up so we’d have to take it down and patch a few holes… no. big. deal. So out came the tools and we got right to it!

The tools that were used for this project are:

Angle Finder – you can find these are hardware stores… you can even get ones that give the angle readout like these

Compound Mitre Saw

Hack saw with a metal cutting blade

Small metal file


Screws and corresponding drywall anchors and screwdriver

IKEA Lack Hack - 2

We started by measuring the width of the back wall from the 90 degree corner over to the corner of the angle of the awkward wall… this would be the length that the back edge of the shelf would need to be… then using the angle finder, pictured above, we determined the angle of the awkward wall and transferred the markings to the shelf starting at the point that we’d previously transferred to the shelf for the length of the back edge.

IKEA Lack Hack - 3

Using a compound mitre saw at the angle that the shelf needed to be cut we chopped the end off of the shelf… putting the angle markings on the shelf do help ensure that you’re on the right track as you’re moving along… AND I recommend cutting a practice piece first using a scrap piece of wood and test fitting with that test if you are going to try out this IKEA LACK Hack to fit an awkward angle wall.  This will ensure that you’ve measured correctly and setup your saw angle before you cut your shelf.

IKEA Lack Hack - 4

Depending on the size of the space that you are looking to fit your shelf into you may have to cut from both sides of the shelf to accommodate the bracket… we opted to cut from only one end and to then reduce the length of the metal bracket by cutting the end of the bracket, that brought up in the angled wall, off wth a hack saw… once the bracket was cut a metal file was used to remove any sharp edges or burrs from freshly cut end of the bracket… be mindful of the bracket end and the piece that was cut off… it can get quite hot from all of the sawing action.

IKEA Lack Hack - 5

Next we test fit the shelf in the space and it fit!… then we held the shelf up to the wall with the bracket slightly sticking out of the back to determine the final height at which we wanted to install the shelf… We used a level to make sure it was level and made markings on the back wall as to where the bracket should go…

IKEA Lack Hack - 6

Next,  up went the bracket with drywall anchors and screws… we double checked that the bracket was being installed level and then triple checked that it was in fact level after it was screwed into place!…

IKEA Lack Hack - 7

Here is the IKEA LACK hacked bracket installed up to the corner of the awkward angle wall… it lined up to the awkward wall corner and the shelf installed over it perfectly…

IKEA Lack Hack - 8

Once the bracket was in place we installed the shelf onto the bracket and screwed it into place on the bracket from underneath. In these shots the bathroom was painted white… but the white was too stark and made our cream trims look like dirty trims …lesson learned… so we opted to paint the half bath Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter when we tackled the half bath reno project!…

IKEA Lack Hack - 9

This basement banished LACK shelf came in quite handy adding some much needed storage space to our tiny half bath…

IKEA Lack Hack - 11

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner!?…

IKEA Lack Hack - 12

We are quite pleased that we were able to reuse an shelf that we already had on hand, and how quickly and smoothly this little IKEA LACK hack went!… as the old saying goes: Measure twice, cut once!

IKEA Lack Hack - 13

What do you think? do you have any little nooks in your home that could benefit from a little IKEA LACK hack action?  Leave me a comment below!




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