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Five Minute Journal…

August 31, 2016

Hey babes!… I’m taking a moment to interrupt the regular DIY posts to share something interesting with you… the Five Minute Journal… and to give one away to one lucky reader!  If you follow Feathering My Nest on Instagram you’ve likely seen past posts about my daily practices, I started up late last year, that help me to start my day happy and to end it with reflection and gratitude… Over the past number of years, through reading and spending time as a part of a great achievement group, I picked up a few concepts that began to quite negative self talk after I had put them into practice for just a few weeks… my confidence and positive outlook began to build up, and my feelings of happiness and gratitude grew the more I continued the practices. I get it… it can be so easy when you’re “busy” to get caught up in the fast pace of life, to get bogged down, and to even think to stop and look at what you already have in your life as you strive for more and chase your goals… to take time every single day to reflect… but I promise that you only need five minutes a day to start to make positive changes.

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Five Minute Journal

After seeing, and feeling, what the daily practices such as writing out my “I AM” list and my “I’m Grateful For” list did for me I began to share little snippets on instagram whenever I would share a positive quote post… I love to share these practices with others and to encourage others to try it out by leaving a comment sharing an I AM statement or an I AM GRATEFUL for statement, and challenging people to pickup the practice for a couple weeks to see what they find… what’s the worst that could happen? nothing? what’s the best? an improved positive outlook and feelings of happiness?… this is so worth taking for a spin!

Five Minute Journal

I found that instagram captions can be restricting for sharing the how behind the concepts that I was quickly mentioning… and there is so much to say about them, so much to say to explain how doing these simple practices can be so beneficial… How could I distill all of that down to share eloqently!?… well I recently discovered that I didn’t have to distill that all down because Intelligent Change has done it in an incredible little package… They created the Five Minute Journal… so I’m sharing the Five Minute Journal with you!

After months of writing my I AMs and my I AM GRATEFUL FORs out every night in a little notebook, that lives on my bedside table, I happened upon the Five Minute Journal… I ripped through the opening the journal and they’d done it!.. they clearly and efficiently explained the concepts that I’ve put into practice myself and was seeing the benefits of!… Now let me say… you don’t have to be into journalling to use this journal… AND you don’t need a lot of time… just five minutes a day… this five minutes a day practice can improve your life – but like the image says below the journal is not a magic pill – you still have to do the work in the real world…  this book and practice will set you up for positive outcomes.

Five Minute Journal

In the opening 45 pages, “the book,” Alex Ikonn and UJ Ramdas have distilled down how shifting your focus to the positive can drastically improve your happiness…  they breakdown how the journal works, its basic principles, how the morning and night routines work with examples to get your engine primed to get to develop your own I ams… your daily affirmation, and how to look back on your day with gratitude…. and they explain what picking up these practices are going to do for you and why.  In 45 pages they’ve picked out the key research to share with you that will teach you the concepts quickly and that will get you revved up to take on this practice.

Five Minute Journal

Okay… don’t worry if positive affirmation statements don’t come easy for you… if the negative self talk is a bit of a blabber mouth inside of your head… The Five Minute Journal will take you through a quick exercise that gets you thinking about your challenges and helps you along in figuring out your I AM statements.  The practice will likely feel awkward at first because your negative self talk has likely been running its mouth off for a large chunk of your life… mine was quite the talker until I settled into the practices of writing out my “I AMs” and “I AM GRATEFUL FOR” lists every night before bed.  Then after months of my nightly list making a day came when I looked at myself in the mirror one morning after getting out of bed and the first thought in my head was “well don’t you look cute this morning…” WOAH!? WHAT!? then the second thought was “yes you, you heard yourself right!” …I looked at myself in astonishment… like a lot of people my first look in the mirror in the morning thoughts were usually less positive… more like oh my skin is a wreck, or oh my eyes are so baggy I look so tired… but seriously what was that negativity doing for me!? It makes sense to think positive statements but sometimes it takes practice for such positive thoughts to come so naturally…

Five Minute Journal

So I’ve got a challenge for you… take five minutes for yourself before bed each night and jot down a few positive I AM’s… do this for a couple weeks and see what it does for you!… If you’re interested in learning more about the concepts and putting them to practice I highly recommend the Five Minute Journal
Five Minute Journal

If you would like to win one of these for yourself head on over to the Feathering My Nest Instagram account and find the image of the Five Minute Journal of the details!  I’m quite excited about having one of these to gift and even more grateful to Intelligent Change to providing me with one for that very purpose! What are you waiting for! Head on over to Instagram now and enter to win!




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