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DIY Designer Belly Basket…

June 13, 2017

I’ve been seeing these designer baskets all over social media lately… after some research I discovered this basket that I’m loving is called a belly basket… but I’m not just talking about the plain janes like in the photo below, though they are great the way they are… I’m talking about the kicked up a notch ones… the ones where the price is also kicked up a few notches… They look incredible with plants placed into them, as blanket storage, or toy storage in a nursery…

Belly Basket

Well babes have I got a DIY for you!… a dipped belly basket, and a tassel and pompom adorned belly baskets… ALL for a fraction of the cost of buying from a designer shop!… and these come along with the satisfaction of having made it yourself!

Now are you ready for this?! It’s easy! a total breeze… a quick and satisfying evening or weekend project!

If you don’t have an IKEA in your home town then check them out online – these baskets fold down and are light so even with shipping it will cost you less and you’ll get more baskets for your buck!

These various versions can be done separately or combined on one basket… its totally up to you!… hit up Pinterst for some great belly basket inspiration and get creating!… These would even make great Christmas, Get Well Soon, New Baby, Housewarming packaging… filled up with treats for the recipient!

Tassel or PomPom Belly Basket Supplies:

  • Ikea belly basket FLÅDIS $12.99
  • Yarns of various colours
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

Designer Belly Basket Supplies

Pick as many colours and types of yarns as you like… colours to match or contrast your space… whatever you like…

Let me show you how to make a pompom:

Belly Basket Yarn Pompom Step 1

Using a medium weight wool I wrapped it around my four fingers 100 times… then cut a long string to tie the loops together at the middle…

Belly Basket Yarn Pompom Step 2

Working the cut string between the middle and ring finger, around the back of the yarn at the back of my hand and back through the middle and ring fingers at the top and around to the front to be tied into a tight knot…

Belly Basket Yarn Pompom Step 3

Tie a tight knot, leaving the tails of the string long… these tails will come in handy when we secure the pompom to the basket!

Belly Basket Yarn Pompom Step 4

Once the loops are tied together in the middle you end up with loops on both sides of the tied string… take your scissors and cut the loops freeing all the pompom strings!…

Belly Basket Yarn Pompom Step 5

Now… you even have choice in how your pompoms will look… you can leave the strings long and willy nilly for a more free and whimsical looking pom, or give that pompom a haircut… trimming it all around in a ball to create a neat tight pompom… I’ve got photos of belly baskets with both to show you 🙂

{Remember to leave the long strings long for attaching your pompoms to your baskets!}

Now how to make a yarn tassel:

Belly Basket Yarn Tassel Step 1

Using a medium weight yarn I used my four fingers again… but this time only 50 wraps around my hand… and then with a string tie one end of the loops together as you can see at the top of my hand…

Belly Basket Yarn Tassel Step 2

Slip the loop off your hand and then tie a second string just down slightly from the string that you tied to capture one end of the loops to create the little tassel top ball…

Belly Basket Yarn Tassel Step 3

Then you can free the strings at the bottom by cutting the loops at the bottom of your tassel!…

{Remember to leave the long strings long for attaching your tassels to your baskets!}

Belly Basket Yarn Tassels

I like to prep all my pompoms to the tied up loops point… then cut them all and trim them all in a batch…

Belly Basket Pompom Prep

Here are my tight and tidy poms…

Belly Basket Tidy Pompoms

Here are my whimsical poms…

Belly Basket Willy Nilly Pompoms

Now lets get to work with these pompoms to adorn the belly basket!

Belly Basket Pompom Attachment 1

Now remember that we left the string that tied the pompoms together long to attach them to the basket!?… get out your large yarn needle… and work the ends in between the belly basket weave and tie in a knot on the inside of the basket… That’s it! first pom on!… work as many pompoms onto the basket as you like… around the middle… at the bottom… at the top edge… all over at random… whatever floats your boat!

Belly Basket Pompom Attachment 2

I worked a line of my tidy pompoms around half of the belly basket right in the the middle…

Belly Basket Pompoms Being Attached

Belly Basket Pompoms Attached

You can alternate the colours… or mix them up randomly… have fun… if you want to test out the location just tie them onto the basket with bows until you’re happy with the pompom location… then undo the bows, tie knots and cut away any extra string from the inside.

Belly Basket Pompoms Attached Full

Here is a pompom belly basket for the nursery… stuffed with those adorable JellyCat rabbits… they’re soooo soft!…

Belly Basket Pompoms Attached Basket Filled

Now for the messy pompoms… because these pompoms are bigger I chose to use less of them on the basket… and I spaced them out

Belly Basket Messy Pompoms

As with the tighter pompoms… the tie strings were left long and used to tie the pompoms to the basket through the basket weave…

Belly Basket Messy Pompoms Full

I do find that these willy nilly pompoms are definitely more whimsical and fun…

Belly Basket Messy Pompoms Action

AAAAAND the tassel look:

Belly Basket Tassels

Belly Basket Tassels and Blankie
Now for the Painted, or “Dipped” Belly Basket Supplies:

  • Ikea belly basket FLÅDIS $12.99
  • Chalk Paint – I love FAT so am working with their paint product
  • Paint brush
  • Gold leaf or gold paint (optional)
  • Gold leaf sizing and small paint brush if you are working with gold leaf (optional)

Dipped Belly Basket Supplies

I have a couple painters canvasses on hand for when I want to paint furniture in the house… in the winter or a cold or rainy day… they’re a great reusable way to protect your work surfaces.

Dipped Belly Basket Start Painting

This one is just as it looks… crack open that can of paint and get to work painting the bottom half of the belly basket… for the dipped look… if you want a full colour basket go to town and paint the whole thing!

Dipped Belly Basket Painting Under the Edge

I wanted the dipped look so I painted as neatly as I could freehand just under the edge of where the basket folds down.

Dipped Belly Basket Clean Edge

To make this part a little easier put the basket top down on your work surface and work around the underside of the fold first to give yourself a painted border to work within.

Dipped Belly Basket First Coat of Paint

Now after the first coat it the paint might not be as solid as you would like… don’t get the first coat blues… if you want the colour to be solid give the basket a second coat once the first coat dries… see! easy peasy!

Dipped Belly Basket Second Coat

Dipped Belly Basket Second Coat Drying

I didn’t even “get fancy” and paint the bottom of the basket… it will be sitting on the floor and I just didn’t feel the need to spend the paint on the underside… if you want to paint the bottom, paint the bottom!… there is nothing saying that you shouldn’t or should!… its up to you!

Dipped Belly Basket Unpainted Bottom

BAM!… once that bad boy is dry you’re good to fill it with goodies and set it up in your home… make sure you let it dry though… some paint will likely seep through the basket weave to the inside of the basket and you wouldn’t want to put things in there before the paint has dried!

Dipped Belly Basket Navy

Bunnies and blankies in a dipped belly basket!…

Dipped Belly Basket Filled Up

Now you know I couldn’t just do a dipped basket and NOT kick it up even another notch!… yep… gold leaf dots!…

Because of the basket weave getting the perfect round dot is not easily… so I went with a freehanded dot, not a measured out dot… and I love the results! There is something special about the freehanded dots!

Dipped Belly Basket Gold Leaf Prep

Now if you’re using gold paint you could get a round sponge brush and just apply dots of paint… and any colour you choose… it doesn’t just have to be gold… Where the gold gets exciting is if you are using gold leaf to create a true metallic polka dot pattern!

To get the gold leaf to adhere to the basket you have to use a product called adhesive size… for a full gold leaf tutorial you  checkout my how to gold leaf blogpost… but you don’t need that much detail to do these quick and dirty dots… this is just if you want to know more about the gold leafing process than what I’m telling you right here 🙂

Using a small paint brush paint on the adhesive size dots being careful not to apply too much… we don’t want the adhesive size to run outside of the painted dot shape… The size does go on milky but will become glossy and tacky… once it is glossy and tacky it is ready for you to apply the gold leaf!

Dipped Belly Basket Sizing Setting

Because these are small dots I didn’t get too fussy with the leaf… Make sure your hands are good and dry and tear small pieces of gold leaf to cover the dots. Press and rub the leaf pieces onto the glossy size dots on the basket… use a soft cloth to gently press/rub the gold leaf pieces to make sure they’re good and adhered!

Dipped Belly Basket Gold Leaf On

Once they’ve all been rubbed into place use a clean brush to bush away the excess leaf to reveal your darling dots…

Dipped Belly Basket Brushing Off Excess Leaf

VOILA! darling little gilded dot!…

Dipped Belly Basket Gold Leaf Dot

…now get to brushing and remove all of the excess leaf… Working on a towel will help to catch the leaf bits that you’ll be brushing off… and try not to work near a fan or an open window if it is breezy out… those little loose bits of leaf will go flying!

Dipped Belly Basket Gold Leaf Dots

EEEK! Look at that gold just pop in the light!… at first I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to get a small perfect dot on the belly basket weave but once I saw how they turned out, by free handing the adhesive size dots, I was quite pleased at how natural and “just right” they looked!

Dipped Belly Basket Gold Leaf Dots Complete

Dipped Belly Basket Gold Leaf Dots Filled

Here’s a little reminder of the belly basket before…

Belly Basket Before

and after:

Belly Basket After 1

Belly Basket After 2

Belly Basket After 3

Belly Basket After 4

Belly Basket After 5

Belly Basket After 6

I can’t wait to see what colour/pompom combos you come up with for your home!… Here are some pin options for you to save this project for later!


Be sure to come on over to the Feathering My Nest Facebook page to share photos of your belly baskets in progress and finished! Or tag @featheringmynest on Instagram posts of your baskets so that I can see and share with everyone there!

Now go! get to work on your designer belly baskets!




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