Cloth Diapers… What we Think… Before Babe…

July 9, 2017

As you may be able to tell by the name of this post there will be a followup to come, once babe is here and we’ve actually used cloth diapers. This is a pre-post about what we think now… I’m curious how our thoughts may change once we’ve spent time using cloth diapers.  Now I’m not here to say what you should do… I’ve done my own research – spoke to mommas, cloth diaper companies, found how to and multitudes of cloth diapering review videos, and sought out mommy bloggers posts on the subject to come to my conclusion to go the cloth diaper route. There is a lot of information out there and it’s ultimately up to you to decide what works best for you and your fam! …and let me say that I’m not about judging anyone for going or not going the cloth diaper route – what works for you works for you and that’s your bisnass 🙂

disclaimer: my independent research has lead me to cloth diapering and my research and discussion with the available service providers has lead me to the service provider mentioned below. All opinions express are my own based on my digging mentioned above. The service provider is providing me with a discount on our diapering service for mentioning them here in this blog post… but you’re in luck because down below they have a little something for YOU as well 😉 

Now, I’m not sure if I would be as keen to cloth diaper IF we had to launder said cloth diapers… we have trouble keeping on top of the laundry for just the two of us!… but I would still give it a try because after some digging it doesn’t appear as frightening as the first thoughts in my head about laundering dirty diapers. BUT we are fortunate to live in an area where Cloth Diaper Services are available… Cloth Diaper Service? Yes Cloth Diaper Service… they come to you and pickup your dirties and drop you a batch of fresh every week… Here in Calgary we chose Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery as our service provider.

One of the main reasons we are choosing to go the cloth diaper route, for our family, is comfort for our babe and not unnecessarily exposing him to chemicals unnecessarily – less chance of rashes I’ve read and have been told. It feels like a good choice to use a reusable fabric product that isn’t put through a heavy chemical cleaning process. Disposables typically have gone through heavy chemical processing during the manufacturing process and have been found to release a multitude of chemicals that I would prefer to avoid… Seeing as diapers are on the babe for the first two years (two years? its not much longer than that is it?) a less harsh option wins out for us. There is the environmental impact side of things as well with disposables filling landfills, and the use of resources required to make them, but honestly it is the comfort and reduced chemical exposure that are top of the list for us.

There are different types of cloth diapers – I found this awesome video that explained a lot about cloth diapering which is great if you’re looking to go the cloth diaper route and you’ll be laundering them yourself!… but again do a few google searches and you’ll turn up a ton of info and of course lots of opinions on the topic and lots of varying experiences. But try not to get overwhelmed… once you go through it the first time there is a lot of info but it all starts to make sense pretty quickly. Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery has what are known as fitted diapers, along with additional soaker inserts if you need.

Fitted Cloth Diaper

Fitted Cloth Diaper Snapped

Now fitted cloth diapers do require diaper covers…  I’ve purchased newborn covers with double leg gussets – double the protection for leaks at the legs!  The slightly larger one size covers are known to be a little large on new babes, and knowing that our babe is a little on the small side he’ll rock out in his newborn covers until he’s hefty enough to fill out the once sizers. Even though the one size diapers have a multitude of snaps for size adjustment they’re just too big for little babes. Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery rents covers for all sizes but with so many adorable patterned and coloured diaper covers out there I’ve already started to build our one size diaper cover stash, in addition to the newborn stash of covers.

Patterned One Size Diapers

Patterned One Size Diaper

Seriously – the cuteness kills me! And there are a bunch of great companies making cloth diaper covers! It appears that covers typically don’t get dirty too frequently as they’re just the cover, so they don’t need washing with every diaper change… just when they get dirty… which of course happens… but I’m not entirely sure how often until the babe gets to work on that. After a few searches “how many cloth diaper covers do I need” the general consensus is 6 is minimum if you’re going to wash them every other day (newborns being changed frequently… every 2-3 hours there is more chance for the covers getting dirty, 8 is a good average number, and 12 should give you plenty extra to work with. I’ve got 10 newborn and 10 one size covers…

Newborn Cloth Diaper Cover

Diaper Cover Over Cloth Diaper

I imagine that diapers are stinky {just call me captain obvious}… but the diaper service delivers a diaper pail with their first delivery of diapers… the pail has a charcoal filter, which once the diapers are placed in should lock away diaper odour… at least thats my hope that any odour gets locked away… we’ll see how that one goes. There is also a bag inside the pail which the diapers go into – this is the bag that get dropped on our front step for weekly pickup… and they bring us a new bag full of clean diapers.

Cloth Diaper Pail

Cloth Diaper Pail Charcoal Filter

Our first delivery also came with two sizes of newborn diaper… as we won’t know what’s going to fit him best until he’s here and getting diapered up, though we suspect he’ll be in the smaller size… we also received a number of soakers that can be added into the diaper if he’s making lots of liquid.

Soaker and Cloth Diaper

What if we’re out and about and we need to do a couple diaper changes… where do the dirty cloth diapers go then?… I found out that diapers go into a wet bag – typically a sewn fabric bag with a laminated interior that seals in the moisture/smell. Pop in your dirty diaper, zip it up, toss it in your diaper bag, and when you get home drop the dirty diaper(s) into the pail… the diaper should contain the mess and the wet bag, if it gets soiled, just needs a wash and a hang up to dry… I’ve picked up two wet bags so that there is always one ready to go if one has just been washed after a trip out and about. I do prefer a sewn fabric zipped pouch over a tied up shopping bag, which would also work I’m sure.

Wet Bag

What if we’re travelling and we won’t have the ability to have our cloth diapers cleaned? I don’t want to tote around a week’s wroth of dirty diapers in a suitcase… Well if its just one week we could switch to disposables for a week, or well we could just wash the cloth diapers for that one week we would be travelling if we’re somewhere with washer/dryer access… either one isn’t the end of the world.

Cloth Wipes too!?… again in an attempt to avoid harsh chemicals that can also be found in baby wipes… a little warm soapy water, or some pre moistened cloth wipes in a holder and bam clean baby!… lol it’s that easy… right?… right!? We’re going the cloth diaper route so we might as well go cloth wipe route too as the wipes can just be tossed into the diaper pail to be laundered with the diapers! Pumpkin’s offers unlimited bamboo/cotton wipes… sounds good to me!  I was excited that they have non microfibre wipes as microfibre can be drying and rough on skin over time… think about if you’ve ever been cleaning house with a microfibre cloth and sometimes it seems to stick to your fingers… ew doesn’t feel good. I also picked up the Prince Lionhearted cloth diaper warmer, after my sister in law highly recommended having a wipe warmer… why not have the comfort of warm wipes… kinda makes me want to get myself a wipe warmer… too much?! well its true!…

Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer

I think it’ll be great to have a constant stash of wipes moist and warm and ready to do… and the rest of the wipes have been pre-rolled and stored in his dresser.

Diaper Stash

Now… why Pumpkin’s? I learned through speaking with the new owners of the business that they took over Pumpkin’s just a year ago! They are eager and passionate about the business, proud that they’re doing it well, and full of helpful information. Cayley even met up at a local coffee shop with me so that she could show me the diapers in person and how they work… seriously folks I’ve never changed a diaper in my life so it was helpful to get the low down on their product in person. The owners have had their own babies and laundered their own cloth diapers and they’re dedicated to their customers and making improvements as they learn and grow their business that has enabled them to move back to Calgary.  I love local, and this local business loves to give back to the community and support local. Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery plants a tree for every child on their service, and they support Babies in Cloth which helps families in financial need diaper their children. They also support not just local but other Canadian businesses themselves! Their diapers are made in Alberta, and their pails, creams, and covers are made within Canada!

Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery uses phosphate and LAS free detergents, and they do not use chlorine bleach for cleaning and sanitization. Their washing process is followed with a pH balancing rinse, so that the diapers and babe’s skin are the same pH, before drying with commercial grade dryers that wipe out any bacteria that may have made it through the laundering process. And although not required, but for peace of mind, they do frequent testing to ensure that the pH is right where it should be. Pumpkin’s also has a great deal of information available about their product and process throughout their website. A cleaning process not heavily laden with chemicals sounds good to us… check!

Money… yes money… isn’t using cloth diapers expensive? I thought it would be but you can make cloth diapering as expensive as you like or you can do it for the cost or even less than going the disposable route! Many others have already done the math so I’m not going to redo it here, the internet is full of cloth diapering math… My math {lacey math} shows we’re going to be about the same or save some than if we went the disposable route… even if it were to cost a little more I would feel okay with it to go the cloth route. And think about this tidbit… is $25 a week worth not having to spend every couple of days laundering cloth diapers at home, or going out to pick up disposables? The diaper service picks up your dirties and bring you clean diapers for about $25 a week!  Time AND money saver!

Now here’s a little treat for you!… when I was speaking with Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery I also asked about something special to offer to YOU parents in their delivery area… If you are interested in service for cloth diapers from Pumpkin’s Diaper Delivery they’re offering 10% off your cloth diapering service when you sign up and mention the Feathering My Nest Discount, from now until December 2017! Yup who doesn’t love to save a little wherever they can!?

Pumpkin's Diaper Delivery Logo

Now tell me what have you learned about cloth diapering in your research so far and what were or are your assumptions about it going into it?… what do you think about cloth diapers? Have you used cloth diapers? How has it gone for you if you are cloth diapering already? Did you have a service or did you launder yourself? Lay it on me… I’m all ears to learn more!

And stay tuned after our baby bear arrives to see how this all plays out in reality! *wish us luck!*



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