Rooted Meal Prep… gift this to your new parent friends right now!

I was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to test out a meal prep service in Calgary called Rooted… do yourself a favour and order their food for yourself… and then win the friend of the year award by gifting this service to your new parent friends. I’m serious.

Rooted Meal Prep

It was just Chris and I at home with our new baby… well Chris had gone back to work, my parents visit had ended and they were back in Newfoundland, and our very new baby had a crazy evening witching hour… hours. We walked and sang and bounced and walked and hummed and walked… getting supper together in the evenings had become an uneasy task to say the least.

Rooted Meal Prep

We had trouble figuring out what to eat for supper before having baby… after baby came our time went out the window… When I learned about Rooted I was thrilled to be able to test run a few of their meals.  Rooted delivers incredible plant based meal ingredients and recipe cards right to you door… TO YOUR DOOR.  The box arrived with the meal ingredients portioned and ready to chop and cook into chef curated meals… a little bit of work is required to make the meals but it is worth every moment…

Rooted Meal Prep

Having everything delivered to our door step to create incredible healthy meals was a godsend!… Being a new breastfeeding mama and wanting to eat great healthy meals to support not just myself but our babe too made Rooted a great choice for us!… Not having to go out to pickup all of the bits and pieces to make meals was ahhmazing… recipe cards telling our frazzled baby brains exactly what to do to create the loveliest meals!? Incredible.

Rooted Meal Prep

I was able to shoot these photos while wearing Finley in a carrier… he watched for a bit and then fell right to sleep!… I highly recommend a baby carrier if you have a baby and you’ve never tried one! Free up your hands mamas and papas!

Rooted Meal Prep

We received ingredients for three meals… each came with portioned fresh ingredients and special prepared items… I would not have chosen these meals from a menu if I were at a restaurant as I tend to stick to my tried and trues… but these have now become tired and trues! They were all delish! Trust that whatever meals you receive from Rooted are going to be top notch.

Rooted Meal Prep

The meals were all so fresh, and easy to make!

Now like I said our babe had cray cray witching hours when he was new… I was able to shoot the ingredients early in the afternoon but the meal making and eating?! lol I was not able to get such great shots so I reached out to Rooted for their beautiful photos to show you what the meals we made looked like!

Rooted Meal Prep

The Faux Ginger Beef… no beef… CHICKPEAS! And the rice?! Well there wasn’t rice!… the veggie mixture sat on a bed of a grated root vegetable. I felt so healthy just making these meals! lol

Rooted Meal Prep

Market Fresh Chilli… like the faux ginger beef sauce the prepared and provided chilli sauce was delish!… oh ya and the next one… the cauliflower alfredo sauce was also a Rooted prepared ingredient! No puréeing required! The hard parts are prepared and provided…

Rooted Meal Prep

All you have to do it click order, open your front door, prep a few veggies, and cook up some incredible healthy eats!

Scope out their sweet meal prep service options over at Rooted Meal Prep.  And go be a dear and send some meals to your new parent friends!… then treat yo self 😉



2 Responses to Rooted Meal Prep… gift this to your new parent friends right now!

  1. Korri Cole says:

    Hi Lacey, Congratulations, so happy for you, you will have wonderful times ahead. What did you name him. Just wanted to know, are those meals really expensive or fairly priced? Thanks and take care of yourself.

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