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My Funny Valentine… Felt Fortune Cookie

February 8, 2018

I’ve got a cute little valentine DIY for you… just in time to make this last weekend before Valentine’s Day! This little felt fortune cookie is a fun treat to make for your family members, coworkers, or classmates of your little ones for Valentines Day! I made a pile of these felt fortune cookies in reds, pinks and white almost 10 years ago now for my dapartment of almost 20! Each one with Hershey Kisses inside!

Let’s rustle up our supplies and get started!

felt fortune cookie

Template – I created a template that includes little pre written “fortunes” to go inside the cookies, and I have included some blanks so that you can write your own messages! You can find the template here

Cardstock – print your template on card stock. You can use paper if you do not have card stock on hand. I find that card stock makes for a sturdier template… which makes tracing around the circle easier.

Wire – florist wire or you can repurpose heavy duty twist ties

Mod Podge or white glue & a small paint brush

Felt and matching ribbon – have fun with felt colours or go for that traditional fortune cookie look



felt fortune cookie

Print and cut out your template.  Then trace around the circle onto your felt… one circle equals one felt fortune cookie.

felt fortune cookie

Cut one piece of wire for each fortune cookie. The wire should be a little shorter than the width of the cookie.

felt fortune cookie

You also need to cut a piece of ribbon for each felt fortune cookie. The ribbon will cover the wire and help to hold the wire in place.

felt fortune cookie

Place the wire across the centre of the felt circle… apply glue, or mod podge, all over the ribbon and press the ribbon onto the piece of wire. Be sure that the wire is completely covered by ribbon.

Now press firmly as the glued ribbon can be hard to stick at first, and you may need to apply a little extra glue or podge under the ends if the ribbon or felt sucks up the adhesive.

felt fortune cookie

A little patience is required next…  If you fold the felt fortune cookies before the adhesive has dried the wire will pop the ribbon off… no fun.

Give the ribbon a good pressing down and let it dry for 30 minutes… this is a great time to cut out the fortunes and to write your own!

felt fortune cookie

Once the adhesive has dried and the wire is secured in place fold the felt circle in half along the wire line… and now is where the magic happens!… bend the wire in half to create the fortune cookie shape!

felt fortune cookie

All that is left to do is to stuff that flat felt fortune cookie with two kisses and a “fortune”

It takes a little bit of fluffing and folding to get it shaped but once you stuff one you’ll be a pro and all your funny valentines will be all stuffed and ready for gifting in no time!

Happy crafting and Happy Valentines lovers!





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