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Mama Hungry Snack Box Launches Today

November 5, 2018

You guys! I’ve been mia for awhile… I’ve been momming and working on a new project… MAMA HUNGRY SNACK BOX!… and well today it launches on Kickstarter. You can check it out HERE!

I’m so excited, and well to be honest, terrified to drop this campaign… I’m feeling super vulnerable about this one because I really care about the project. It has just 30 days to get funded and then orders will be placed and snack boxes will be flying around North America to feed the hungry mamas! Wish me luck! And thank you for taking your time to check out this post and the campaign! Now go and get yourself or a new parent in your life a snack box for less than retail! OR one of the other sweet rewards for Mama Hungry Snack Box campaign backers!…

Mama Hungry Snack Box

As mentioned all of the snack boxes that Mama Hungry Snack Box will be offering are discounted for the Kickstarter campaign… along with my “mama tired.” embroidered t-shirts.

Mama Hungry Snack Box

Mama Hungry Snack Box

I’ve also rustled up the best vintage styled motel keytags for the $15 backers!… go get them while you can because this particular reward is limited! Gift a friend or yourself some cute but serious motivation via vintage style keytag.

Mama Hungry Snack Box

And I’ll leave you with these fun snippets of me being super award while filming the Mama Hungry Snack Box Kickstarter Campaign video… seriously 30 minutes of mayhem to get just 10 seconds of me speaking directly to the camera *face palm*

And if you want to checkout the Mama Hungry Website you can do that right HERE!



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