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About Lacey

About Lacey

Semi fresh out of a Fine Art degree (which feels like forever ago now) I moved across Canada with my high school sweetheart. Back in 2006 we drove from the most easterly point in North America, St. John’s, Newfoundland, because as everyone knows the work “is out West.” I started blogging back way back then but it was just to keep family back in the loop on what we were up to… those posts have long been delete or lost out there on the ol interweb… I hope. Ha!

My day job gigs here in Calgary have taken me from Sculptor to Custom Fabrication Project Manager… all the while I’ve kept up my practice of making, after hours… knitting, sewing, painting, photographing, gold leafing, burning myself with a glue gun, glittering things, renovating and decorating our little home… I have always been a maker… right from when I was just a wee little crafting with my mom on the regular.

I love cats (we have two rescues), and sweets… pizza and ramen… I love snuggling with Pickle (that’s my high school sweetheart) and watching movies… though we haven’t watched much since babe arrived.

We had a baby in July 2017 and to say I’ve slowed down would be an understatement… BUT I’m joyfully learning the art of moving slow and enjoying time with the babe. I’ve signed up for ukelele lessons just recently because I want to play for Finley (that’s the babe).

I’m not the most eloquent writer… but I share from my heart, I try to see things from many different sides… devils advocate type I guess.  I love hard and I love fun… I love salty air and I miss the ocean.


About Feathering My Nest

Feathering My Nest was born out of a love to treasure hunt, and relove, forgotten pieces… born out of the love to make a house a home; simply.  To create a warm love filled space for friends and family.  Over time, refinishing and selling salvaged finds I discovered my love of teaching others how to do it themselves – encouraging creativity in others and seeing their eyes light up when they discover that in fact they ARE creative creatures. Though I’ve not run a workshop since breaking my hand and then becoming pregnant in late 2061… and well this baby of ours is a wild child… but as time allows and I find my new mama groove I will continue to share DIY projects to help you feather your nests.

I would say that when it comes to detail I’m rather persnicky… this personality trait makes for detailed work and detailed how to blog posts… my attention to detail landed me a ongoing DIY segment on a local talk show, for a couple of seasons, as well as resulted in a number of various Calgary morning show DIY segments. I even donned a Christmas elf get up and worked with a puppet side kick to create a series of Christmas inspired DIY’s for families for a four part locally produced four part Family Christmas Show.

If you’ve been following for awhile you’ve already noticed that Feathering My Nest is growing and developing as our family grows… you will start to see more baby and family blogposts, along with the DIYs… I do hope that you enjoy it all!