Feathering My Nest was born out of a love to treasure hunt… to relove forgotten pieces into a once again prized possession… born out of the love to make a house a home; simply.  To create a warm love filled space for friends and family.  Once Lacey’s nest was feathered she kept hunting… kept reloving items… and well…  these reworked pieces had to go somewhere!  There are nests to be feathered!… and there are more treasures to be salvaged!… Feathering My Nest begun selling at local vintage market events in Calgary in 2013 and immediately began selling out at market events and growing a devoted following of the Feathering My Nest styled pieces… Picking up retailing of FAT Paint in 2014 Lacey is one of five FAT Paint and CLING ON Brush retailers in Calgary, Alberta.

In 2015 Lacey secured two seasons of DIY segments for a local talk show as well as for a local morning show… Lacey even dressed as a Christmas elf and worked with a puppet side kick to create a series of Christmas inspired DIY’s for families.

Most recently Lacey has discovered a passion for teaching others how to… helping coax the creativity out of even the most self-proclaimed ‘uncreative’ participants. Lacey continues to feather nests across Calgary as she hunts, creates, restores, re-loves, and shares her DIYs with the world to fulfill her mission of inspiring and encouraging others to get creative and stylishly personalize their lives.

…and if you’re feeling like getting creative checkout the blog for DIY projects that are sure to keep you busy for quite some time!

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