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Head Shot by Christy D Swanberg

Simply put I’ve always had a love for old things…  There is a simplicity in items from a time gone past, an inherent quality in an well worn piece of furniture, a time softened family quilt, old hand written notes…  I find satisfaction in saving something that may be tossed aside to be forgotten… reloving, repurposing, reusing.  Salvaging… treasure hunting and reworking found pieces, along with creating new unique items, feeds my soul and has been doing so now for as long as I can remember.  Recently I’ve discovered that helping others to see that they are creative creatures, as I instruct them in a DIY workshop, is incredibly rewarding.

I enjoy the thrill of the hunt… diving into a dumpster, scouring a flea market, connecting with new people and finding they have a barn full of treasures just waiting to be reloved into something new!  I can’t get home with my finds quick enough… or break out my sander with enough speed.  Then with loving care, and forced patience, discarded pieces can become something special once again.  I truly hope that my passion to salvage and relove found treasures inspires you as it does me.  Let me help you feather your nest by providing you with items for you home though market events or by teaching you how to create your own decor with my tips and tricks in my DIY posts!

Of course I have thank yous for the ones I love.  I would not be able to do this without the love and support of my Pickle… my furbear… my Christopher… He picks me up when I fall down, brainstorms with me when I get stuck in a rut, and when I get deep down in the Lacey Math he swoops in and works the numbers!  The Momma… my creativity was fostered by my endlessly creative mother was and still is always creating; as I was growing up we were always making something together, feathering our family nest together.  She instilled in me a love of an inviting, comfortable and beautiful home.  Growing up our nest was well feathered with the love of handmade decor… and finally a loving thank you to my friends who encourage and cheer on my growth in the ever growing adventures of Feathering My Nest.

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