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Expectations and Delivery

January 27, 2018

I started this post back on June 6… deep in the throes of an anxiety filled pregnancy. I would come and write out my feels on the things going on throughout the pregnancy but I was always too afraid to publish… what if I jinxed the pregnancy!? I’m aware that is not a thing, but the pregnancy hormone mind is not the most rational at times… let’s pickup where I left off in June and then I’ll follow up below…

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At Home Baby Lifestyle

The Nursery…

December 10, 2017

Here it is! After 5 months of Finley being here I finally buttoned upped and photographed his nursery to share with you all!… It’s been awhile getting this together… processing the pregnancy… beginning the journey into motherhood… combatting the anxiety of bringing home a little babe after a nicu stay… ALL of that for another post as I’ll be getting Finely’s birth story together in the coming weeks BUT HERE WE ARE NOW!… feeling great and we’ve got a darling…

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Lifestyle Loves

Rooted Meal Prep… gift this to your new parent friends right now!

November 11, 2017

I was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to test out a meal prep service in Calgary called Rooted… do yourself a favour and order their food for yourself… and then win the friend of the year award by gifting this service to your new parent friends. I’m serious. It was just Chris and I at home with our new baby… well Chris had gone back to work, my parents visit had ended and they were back in Newfoundland, and…

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DIY Littles Repurposed

Last Minute DIY Costume… Paper Bag Princess…

October 27, 2017

Here is the fourth costume in my last minute diy halloween costume series!… the adorable Paper Bag Princess! Who doesn’t love the Paper Bag Princess?!… if you want to make this costume dig up the following materials: Large paper bag… if you’re in Calgary you likely have a stack of these kicking around with the new composting collection kits that were rolled out this past summer… if not you can create a paper bag shape with some brown kraft paper!…

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DIY Littles Repurposed

Last Minute DIY Costume… Cactus…

October 26, 2017

Here is the darling third of the four last minute DIY halloween costume series!… a Cactus Costume!… again this can be done for any size wearer!… the main material that makes this costume is hilarious… drinking straws! yep! drinking straws!… I don’t know a house that doesn’t have a stash of drinking straws! To make the cactus costume you will need the following supplies: Green shirt… hoodie… dress… whatever article of green clothing you want to wear and be a…

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