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DIY Designer Belly Basket…

June 13, 2017

I’ve been seeing these designer baskets all over social media lately… after some research I discovered this basket that I’m loving is called a belly basket… but I’m not just talking about the plain janes like in the photo below, though they are great the way they are… I’m talking about the kicked up a notch ones… the ones where the price is also kicked up a few notches… They look incredible with plants placed into them, as blanket storage,…

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DIY House & Decor Repurposed

Great Crate Challenge… what I created with two crates and a $50 budget

April 24, 2017

Back in January I took part in the Calgary Renovation Show Great Crate Challenge… five local influencers were given two wood crates and a $50 budget to come up with something fun to be displayed at the show!… being as practical as I am I wanted to make something that was really functional and good looking… Seeing the crates I instantly knew what I wanted to create… a rolling crate storage ottoman that could be used as additional seating… I applied glue…

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DIY Gifts House & Decor Repurposed

Succulent Book Planter

October 24, 2016

Have I got a conversation piece DIY for you! If you are a succulent lover… if you like getting crafty… then this DIY is for you!  Check out my succulent book planter!… Yep! Those are real live succulents planted in a real live book 😉  I’m sure this will raise the ire of staunch book lovers but let me assure you that I saved this book from the dump… its been given new life as a unique piece of home decor.…

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DIY House & Decor

IKEA Lack Hack to Built in Look Shelf…

August 21, 2016

I mentioned this IKEA LACK Hack DIY awhile back… now that the half bath reno has been completed I now have finished shots of our IKEA Lack Hack to complete this DIY and to share with you!  I think that anyone who lives in a city with an IKEA has at least one LACK floating shelf in their home!… we had F O U R of them sitting in the basement that had been in use in the first couple years of…

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DIY House & Decor

Reloved Ottoman Part 2: Reupholstery

July 9, 2016

Hey! Hi! Welcome back!… in case you missed Part I of this two part DIY then check it out here to learn how to prepare new feet for your furniture and how to create that beachy weathered wood look.  Once the feet have been prepared for installation and finished its time to tackle the ottoman reupholstery… this is a pretty simple reupholstery project… there is no piping or tufting… and I suspected that the foam was in great shape meaning that it didn’t…

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