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Nursery Update 1.0… Wallpaper Edition

March 6, 2018

When I “finished” Finely’s nursery it just didn’t feel complete… it was missing something, it was too plain… empty almost… then I found Photowall and the thing I was missing was found!… a charming illustrated style wave mural wall paper! Now this being said I’ve decided that the long shelf on the other side of the nursery needs to go and instead I want to install a couple short shelves and a small gallery of prints over Finely’s dresser… you…

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DIY House & Decor Techniques

DIY Designer Belly Basket…

June 13, 2017

I’ve been seeing these designer baskets all over social media lately… after some research I discovered this basket that I’m loving is called a belly basket… but I’m not just talking about the plain janes like in the photo below, though they are great the way they are… I’m talking about the kicked up a notch ones… the ones where the price is also kicked up a few notches… They look incredible with plants placed into them, as blanket storage,…

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DIY House & Decor Repurposed

Great Crate Challenge… what I created with two crates and a $50 budget

April 24, 2017

Back in January I took part in the Calgary Renovation Show Great Crate Challenge… five local influencers were given two wood crates and a $50 budget to come up with something fun to be displayed at the show!… being as practical as I am I wanted to make something that was really functional and good looking… Seeing the crates I instantly knew what I wanted to create… a rolling crate storage ottoman that could be used as additional seating… I applied glue…

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DIY Gifts House & Decor Repurposed

Succulent Book Planter

October 24, 2016

Have I got a conversation piece DIY for you! If you are a succulent lover… if you like getting crafty… then this DIY is for you!  Check out my succulent book planter!… Yep! Those are real live succulents planted in a real live book 😉  I’m sure this will raise the ire of staunch book lovers but let me assure you that I saved this book from the dump… its been given new life as a unique piece of home decor.…

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DIY House & Decor

IKEA Lack Hack to Built in Look Shelf…

August 21, 2016

I mentioned this IKEA LACK Hack DIY awhile back… now that the half bath reno has been completed I now have finished shots of our IKEA Lack Hack to complete this DIY and to share with you!  I think that anyone who lives in a city with an IKEA has at least one LACK floating shelf in their home!… we had F O U R of them sitting in the basement that had been in use in the first couple years of…

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