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DIY Littles Repurposed

Last Minute Costume… LEGO Block

October 24, 2017

This first of four last minute costumes is the definition of cheap and cheerful!… a LEGO Block! Three materials and simple tools are used to make this cute getup!… eaaaaasy peeeeasy! Gather up your supplies: Cardboard (sheets or boxes – whatever you have around or have easy access to) I picked up a Home Depot moving box Plastic Bowls in the colour of your block – or another take out container… don’t worry if it isn’t the same colour you…

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DIY House & Decor Techniques

DIY Designer Belly Basket…

June 13, 2017

I’ve been seeing these designer baskets all over social media lately… after some research I discovered this basket that I’m loving is called a belly basket… but I’m not just talking about the plain janes like in the photo below, though they are great the way they are… I’m talking about the kicked up a notch ones… the ones where the price is also kicked up a few notches… They look incredible with plants placed into them, as blanket storage,…

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DIY House & Decor Repurposed

Great Crate Challenge… what I created with two crates and a $50 budget

April 24, 2017

Back in January I took part in the Calgary Renovation Show Great Crate Challenge… five local influencers were given two wood crates and a $50 budget to come up with something fun to be displayed at the show!… being as practical as I am I wanted to make something that was really functional and good looking… Seeing the crates I instantly knew what I wanted to create… a rolling crate storage ottoman that could be used as additional seating… I applied glue…

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DIY Repurposed Techniques

How to Gold Leaf… via Thrift Store Swap

March 31, 2017

This is a fun set of reveals that I’m going to share over two different DIY posts! The first post will show you how to Gold Leaf!… how to prep, apply, seal, and even glaze gold leaf!… Early in the new year I joined a group of bloggers to do a Thrift Store Swap! What’s a Thrift Store Swap you ask!?… Basically we each found items at a thrift shop to send onto another member of the group and we had to relove whatever…

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DIY Gifts

Faux Fur Wine Bottle Holder DIY

January 29, 2017

I love a little faux fur… Its a great way to add warmth and whimsy to your everyday!…  so I created this muppet looking faux fur wine bottle holder and tutorial to share with you… it would be a fun hostess gift for the next dinner party you attend, or perhaps even a fun GALentines present for your bestie and a fun girls night in this coming Valentines day!… There are so many variations of fur that you can get…

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