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DIY Repurposed Techniques

How to Gold Leaf… via Thrift Store Swap

March 31, 2017

This is a fun set of reveals that I’m going to share over two different DIY posts! The first post will show you how to Gold Leaf!… how to prep, apply, seal, and even glaze gold leaf!… Early in the new year I joined a group of bloggers to do a Thrift Store Swap! What’s a Thrift Store Swap you ask!?… Basically we each found items at a thrift shop to send onto another member of the group and we had to relove whatever…

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DIY Gifts House & Decor Repurposed

Succulent Book Planter

October 24, 2016

Have I got a conversation piece DIY for you! If you are a succulent lover… if you like getting crafty… then this DIY is for you!  Check out my succulent book planter!… Yep! Those are real live succulents planted in a real live book 😉  I’m sure this will raise the ire of staunch book lovers but let me assure you that I saved this book from the dump… its been given new life as a unique piece of home decor.…

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DIY Gifts Repurposed

Old Leather Coat to Business Card Holder…

April 24, 2016

I love trading or handing out my business cards to new people that I meet, and finally putting a face and name on a person… no longer just knowing them by their business name!… and what better way then to pull your business card out of a sweet business card holder that you made yourself from an old leather coat!?… and with gold leaf!? Oooo girl!… you’re going to make an impression 😉 But first we have to rustle up our…

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DIY Gifts House & Decor Repurposed

Vintage Tin Planters…

March 27, 2016

I’m sure Winter will be back for a couple more visits before June, but it definitely feels like spring here in Calgary… yeah I said it!… Spring is here… mostly 😉 I’ve got a sweet little DIY for you if your’e looking to bring a bit of Spring into your nest!… Using vintage tins and darling little plants you can quickly add a touch of spring into your home!  Herbs for the kitchen? Spring blooms for your home office or bedroom!? Vintage tin planters will bring a sweet charm…

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DIY Gifts House & Decor Repurposed Techniques

Folding Books…

March 13, 2016

If you’re looking for unique home decor for yourself, or a special gift {and you have some time to pass} folding up the pages of an old book is the way to go!… especially if you’re a book lover or are gifting to a book lover!… so try your hand at folding books! Let’s get right into it… folding a book can take an hour or it can take you a couple hours depending on how many pages and intricate the design!…

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