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Nursery Update 1.0… Wallpaper Edition

March 6, 2018

When I “finished” Finely’s nursery it just didn’t feel complete… it was missing something, it was too plain… empty almost… then I found Photowall and the thing I was missing was found!… a charming illustrated style wave mural wall paper! Now this being said I’ve decided that the long shelf on the other side of the nursery needs to go and instead I want to install a couple short shelves and a small gallery of prints over Finely’s dresser… you…

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The Nursery…

December 10, 2017

Here it is! After 5 months of Finley being here I finally buttoned upped and photographed his nursery to share with you all!… It’s been awhile getting this together… processing the pregnancy… beginning the journey into motherhood… combatting the anxiety of bringing home a little babe after a nicu stay… ALL of that for another post as I’ll be getting Finely’s birth story together in the coming weeks BUT HERE WE ARE NOW!… feeling great and we’ve got a darling…

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12 Hour Half Bath Reno…

July 25, 2016

Okay here it is… our 12 hour half bath reno!  As mentioned in the Half Bath Inspiration post we fell into a bit of luck… we found the vanity that we’d been eyeballing previously on clearance!… and the store had just one left… we took that as a sign and scooped it up and headed home with the intention to swap out the sink and mirror… We had only headed to the store to pickup some screws I believe… and we left with…

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Half Bath Inspiration…

July 12, 2016
Basket for Spare Towels 2

If you follow Feathering My Nest on Instagram you know that a little while back that we renoed our half bath… Although it was a total spur of the moment thing, because we’d found the vanity we’d be eyeing at Home Depot on clearance, we had a look that we wanted to achieve in that space.  So while the finishing touches are going into place right now I am taking a few moments to share some of our half bath inspiration pieces.…

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