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Our services include in home consultation sessions, sales of FAT Paint and Cling On Brushes, sales of reloved furniture and home decor, as well as set and custom workshop sessions. Contact Lacey@FeatheringMyNest.ca to get in touch about any of the items below.


FAT Paint Consultation

Looking for some one on one time to learn all of Lacey’s preferred tools and tips for working with the great Canadian FAT Paint? If you want hands on instruction in your home on your projects specifically then an in home FAT Paint Consultation is for you. Spend one hour in your home with Lacey reviewing your project, learning about FAT Paint, and getting your project underway.  Lacey will take you through all of the steps to completion so that you are fully prepared to tackle your painting projects.

Cost: $350.00 – 1 hour hands on consultation with partial completion to ensure you have everything under control, right down to the finishing steps.

+ cost of paint and materials to complete your project

To have additional students in the hands on consultation session, there will be an additional fee of $50 per person present.

Gallery Wall Consultation

* hands on gallery wall *

Looking to install a gallery wall in your home but you don’t know where to get started or how to get all of those frames and decor pieces up onto the wall?! Then a Gallery Wall consultation is for you!

If you have all of your gallery wall pieces that you want to put up the Gallery Wall Consultation is an hour long layout and installation consultation.  Work with Lacey on determining the optimal layout and learn how to hang your gallery wall. When the session is done you will have a fully installed gallery wall.

Cost: $150 – 1 hour

+ cost of appropriate hangers

Lacey will provide the supplies required to create the hanging templates for your gallery wall.

* hands off gallery wall *

If you want to be hands off, and you just want your gallery wall setup for you then there is an option for that as well:

Frame buying and photo printing: Discuss the look you wish to achieve and Lacey will head out and pickup the frames and other pieces that you wish to incorporate into your gallery wall. Provide Lacey with your photo files and she will handle getting all of the images printed and frames setup. Lacey will then arrange and hang your gallery wall in your home.

Cost $500.00 – total time varies depending on schedule. Pre meeting in home (30 minutes to 1 hour). Frame prep and template making will happen offsite.  Installation of the Gallery wall typically takes 1 hour.

+ cost of frames

+ cost of photos

+ cost of hanging hardware

Furniture Reupholstery Consultation

Looking for great upholstery fabrics and for someone to manage your upholstery projects for you? Lacey will consult on your reupholstery projects from reworking the wood to choosing new fabrics for your pieces that will compliment your home. Looking to create unique pieces for your home or to refresh a well love but worn out piece of furniture? Consider a Reupholstery Consultation.

Cost: $150 for a one hour consultation with Lacey at the fabric selection studio and guidance for any painting that you are looking to do on the piece.

Reupholstery Cost: The cost of the reupholstery is dependant on the condition of the piece and the fabrics chosen.  Lacey will work with you as cost effectively as possible while creating your custom furniture pieces.


In home paint night

Looking for a paint night where you and your friends are comfortable in the hostess home, enjoying beverages and snacks while learning how to work with FAT Paint and creating a sign to hang in your home? Then lets get together for an in home paint night!  Lacey brings the FAT paint and tools, table covering, and prepared project pieces to your home for a 3-3.5 hour session. Session time can vary depending on how chatty your group is but 3-3.5 hours is the typical time range for these sessions.  Your signage sayings can be chosen from set designs or customs sayings can be prepared for your in home paint night guests.

Sign Making Class Cost: $60.00 per person. Minimum 4 session attendees required.

Other In Home Make nights: get in touch with Lacey to develop your custom in home workshop night!

Workshop Sessions

From FAT Paint 101 to turning an old book into a succulent planter Lacey runs informative and fun workshops… Checkout the events page for current workshop offerings, signup for the Feathering My Nest Newsletter to receive updates on upcoming workshops, or contact Lacey today to setup your custom DIY workshops session.

F A T  P A I N T  &  C L I N G  O N  B R U S H E S

Lacey carries the full line of FAT Paint products as well as a vast range of the CLING ON brushes, selling out of the Feathering My Nest home office during weekday evenings and weekend days. Contact Lacey today to setup an appointment to get your FAT fix!

 S A L E  E V E N T S

Feathering My Nest aims to please at group and solo show events – creating boutique pop ups filled with beautiful items, the found, the salvaged, the restored and rediscovered furniture treasures… forgotten bits turned into new home decor, and newly handmade pieces.  Lacey’s booth setups are certain to never disappoint and sell out quickly, be sure to get there early!

Please visit the events tab for an up to date listing on upcoming shows that Feathering My Nest will be taking part in.

 R E F I N I S H I N G

Feathering My Nest lovingly refinishes your furniture… reusing well love pieces already in your nest that just need a little refresh!  This is a cost efficient alternative to buying all new.  Recycle the sturdy old pieces that you have in your home and breath new life into your living space!…

Drop us a note about the piece that you would like to have refinished and lets get working on your custom refinished projects!

Payment and Delivery

– Cash, Credit Card or Email Money Transfers accepted

– Pickup and delivery starting at $20

Terms and Conditions

– All Sales are Final.  Our goods are vintage, old, antique, well loved, salvaged and may posses imperfections.  Please consider carefully before purchasing.

– Payment in full is required to book your workshop. At the time of reservation you will chose your text (if applicable). Feathering My Nest is happy to offer a 50% refund if cancellation is received a minimum of 72 hours prior to class start. Workshop fee is non refundable within 72 hours of event.

– Furniture and home decor tems can be held for 48 hours.  A non refundable 25% deposit is required to hold items past 48 hours.

– For Refinishing Services a 50% deposit is required, and the remainder due upon delivery. Refinishing Services 4-6 weeks post deposit payment


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