CLING ON Paint Brushes

Feathering My Nest is ecstatic to be carrying CLING ON Paint Brushes in Calgary!


CLING ON Paint Brushes

Designed by a professional painter, and handmade in Holland, CLING ON Paint Brushes feature soft and durable DuPont synthetic filaments that are fully locked in epoxy cement to minimize shedding.  They also have a stainless steel ferrule, and a beechwood handle.

These incredible brushes provide you with a smooth application… and are a breeze to clean, all you do is suspend the bristles in a container of water and leave the brush in until you’re ready to paint again!

The Round and Oval CLING ON Paint Brushes are highly coveted and used by artists and DIY’ers in Europe… prepare to be the envy of your refinishing friends!

You will love the look and feel of these brushes for reloving and reinventing your furniture!



A few highlights of CLING ON Paint Brushes

– Extremely strong and durable, yet still very gentle
– Best shape retention of brushes on the market
– Can be used with all water based products
– A dream to work with and easy to clean
– Superb brushes for cutting in
– Better coverage with a smoother finish than other brushes
– With proper care these brushes will last for years!

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You will find a paint brush for all of your projects in the CLING ON line. These incredible brushes come in the following sizes and styles

Oval – ideal for all over painting and great for painting legs and spindles as well as any detailed areas. The O40 is the bestselling CLING ON Paint Brush and the O45 is a favorite among cabinet painters.
035 – $23.00 – Small Oval
040 – $27.00 – Medium Oval
045 – $29.50 – Large Oval

Round – ideal for all over painting and produce a similar finish to oval brushes but its been found that the Oval Brushes make for quicker painting and the round styles are best suited for more detailed areas. The round brushes will make quick work of painting items like banisters, spindles and more.
R14 – $20.25 – Small Round
R18 – $25.75 – Large round
R20 – $27.25 – XL Round

CLING ON Paint Brushes - Flats

Flat – ideal for large surface painting. Many people prefer a flat brush for all painting applications so they are certainly a versatile brush to have in your arsenal. The Flat brush is great for CLEAR application. The flat styles are also frequently used for cabinet painting.
F30 – $18.50 – Small Flat
F40 – $19.25 – Medium Flat
F50 – $23.99 – Large Flat

Bent – ideal for areas that can be tricky to properly get to without some sort of contortionist act. I get the most questions about this style. These bad boys work great on under edges, interiors of pieces, and for painting under arms of a chair, under a horizontal spindle, and areas that you cannot fit a traditional brush. These won’t be your main painting brush but you will find yourself reaching for it when you get to those hard to reach spots, and wondering how you ever worked without one!
P20 – $23.99 – Medium Angled

CLING ON Paint Brushes - Collection

Tips for your CLING ON Paint Brushes

  • Wet your Cling On Brush before using, this allows the filaments to to absorb the water, not your paint and allows for much easier flow and easier cleaning…
  • Keep your brush wet! This takes some getting used to, but, if you can keep a bucket of water next to you when you paint and re wet your brush from time to time. Dab off excess on a paper towel to get the excess water off and continue to paint.
  • DO NOT REMOVE THE STRINGS, the string helps keep your brushes in tip top shape
  • DO NOT wrap your brush in plastic wrap or plastic bag as this can distort the shape of your brush
  • To clean, suspend your brush in a jar of water, not up past the ferrule and do not let it sit on the bottom of the container. This seems weird… but trust me. Let it rest like this between coats and when you go to use again just take excess water off and paint, to clean, just use water and if you want to keep your brush in tip top shape you can use a little bit of soap for your final cleaning.
  • Hang your brush to air dry if you can
  • You can use a CLING ON Brush Keeper to keep all your brushes wet and stored together

CLING ON Paint Brush Keeper

Contact Lacey to check out the CLING ON Paint Brushes in person and take your very own home today!… …prepare to fall in love with paint brushes…


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