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Is Vaping and E-Cigarettes Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Vaping and E-Cigarettes Safe During Pregnancy?

You’ll go to any length to safeguard your unborn child while pregnant. If you smoked before becoming pregnant, you may have converted from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes or vaping after hearing they were safer. You might also be wondering if secondhand smoke from e-cigs impacts your baby if you’re just a non-smoker.
While there are still some unanswered questions about its effects, here’s what pregnant mothers should know.
What are electronic cigarettes?
Pens, pipes, miniature screwdrivers, USB …

Best Travel Stroller Systems Every Mom Should Consider for 2022

Best Travel Stroller Systems Every Mom Should Consider for 2022

For a lot of new parents, it can get very overwhelming shopping for your little one. Many times, you may get things are often unnecessary and will not be used after a few months as babies grow really fast.

However, strollers are one of the baby products that may seem a bit much, but will actually make your lives as new parents a lot easier. In this article, we will look at everything you need to know to get the best stroller system for your well-earned money.

For starters, travel strollers are comprised of a stroller and a car seat. One might think that a baby would need to stay at home the majority of the time, but …

Winter Crafts

Winter Crafts

Winter is such a cozy season where most people don’t want to leaves their home to avoid the wet, bitter cold. To keep ourselves entertained, here are the following crafts you can do to occupy your time and beat the cold.

1. Candle Making

Making candles is such a great activity for winter because it provides warmth. You can choose your favorite fragrances and containers. If you make extra candles, you can gift them to others.

2. Embroidering

Whenever I see someone embroidering …