Jiggs Dinner…

July 12, 2015

So about a month ago I saw an ad on Kijiji… this one

I found it too funny not to reply… and I have to toot my own horn a little here and say that I do cook a mean turkey and jiggs dinner… and I’ve been perfecting my gravy since the Pickle and I moved out here from “home” about 8 years ago now… I sold my turkey dins skills and I was the chosen cook.

The CBC got a real kick out of the guys’ ad and about the meal that was to be cooked… we did a few radio interviews back a few weeks ago now – CBC in Calgary, Toronto, Corner Brook and St. John’s as well as X92.9 here in Calgary… a couple of which were live *gulp*… it was a little nerve wracking to say the least… and I need to get my “um’s” under control!

Well last Sunday was the big day!… the turkey got stuffed and put in the oven early, the peas pudding and salt pork was boiling away on the stove, the peeled and prepped veggies sitting in the sink just waiting to be dropped into the pot, and the lemon meringue pie was sitting in the fridge.  NOM!…


I arrived in Airdrie in the morning at 8am to begin the Jiggs work… First to make the stuffing… bread,  onion, butter, salt, pepper, savoury, thyme, sage and rosemary…


After a good mix the stuffing was stuffed… the bird buttered and dressed in herbs and then covered in bacon… then topped with a sprinkle of pepper and savoury…


I alway toss a couple onions and carrots into the roaster with the turkey to help flavour the gravy that I make from the turkey drippings…


Then onto prepping the veggies… once peeled and cut they sat in a sink of cold water until it was their time to be dropped in the pot… carrot, turnip, cabbage and potatoes… Just before the turkey is finished cooking the veggies were boiled up with the salt pork and peas pudding that had been on the boil for some time already…


CBC came by to film the cooking and the devouring of the Jiggs Dins… it was a great meal with new friends and the smells and taste of home!

The follow up article and video went up online early last week.  Check it out HERE… the last time I saw the post shared on Facebook the video had over 130 thousand views!… I can’t believe it!… if this piece brought a smile to even a quarter of the faces who were watching it than that is incredible!… and I’m stoked to have been a part of of this Jiggs Dinner adventure!


Most people who left comments left incredibly heart warming ones on the story that was shared by multiple CBC Facebook accounts. A few people left negative comments… but there will always be people who want to stir the pot with negativity I suppose.

I’ve found that Jiggs Dinner varies around the island of Newfoundland and from family to family – for me and my family Jiggs Dinner is boiled vegetables with salt meat and peas pudding… and we always had it with turkey… some people call this Cooked Dinner or Sunday Dinner.  To me those names are all interchangeable… and sometimes we have our Jiggs with bread pudding, or even dough boys cooked in the pot liquor from the vegetables…

Do you have any go to meals that sooth your soul when you’re feeling homesick?  This traditional Newfoundland dinner is definitely the one that does it for us!





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