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Moss Ball Centrepiece…

November 20, 2015

oh babes!… are you ready for this one!? I’m really excited to get to share this with you!… This would make a great table centrepiece all year round… but I love it right now as I’m spending more time inside as the snow falls… Make this centrepiece or use just some of the elements from it green up your space… or move the tray over to a shelf, kitchen counter or mantle!…  This is also a great DIY to make use of the pruned branches from your gardens and greenery that is coming out this time of the year!…

Lets gather up our supplies and get started shall we?!…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece01

Small plants – Plant in Inglewood provided me with the most darling little plants for my moss balls

Sheet moss – if you live in the mountains or near a forrest go on a moss hunt for your balls!… if you are a city dweller checkout Plant in Inglewood, or a similar shop in your city! Plant also provided me with the most incredible moss for the centrepiece moss balls… being in the burbs in Calgary I don’t see moss until I head up to the mountains!

Bowl of Soil – I used a general potting soil


Serving Tray/Crate – use an old silver tray, a new metal tray, a wooden crate that you find, buy or build!… the options are endless – make it how you like it to match your home!

Candles – I picked up the bundle of five from Ikea… if you don’t want open flame this would be a great use for your flameless candles!

Branches – again head to the forest and snip a couple branches… the branches that I’m using here came from the trees in front of our house this fall when we pruned!



Seasonal greenery – optional

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece02

This does get a little bit messy but I promise the mess is well worth it!… work on some newspapers to catch the soil and moss bits that get away from you!… add water to your bowl of soil… add just a little bit at a time until the soil is all damp… if you add too much water don’t worry – you can add more soil or you can squeeze out the excess water when you are forming your ball of soil!

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece03

We get dirty right away with this one!… get into that bowl of wet soil and form a ball of dirt!… shape and squish… it took me a couple trys to get the hand of it but when I did I was making soil balls like they were snowballs…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece04

The size of the soil ball is totally up to you…  you just want to make sure that it can accommodate the roots of the little plants that you have chosen!…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece05

Sit your soil ball of a piece of moss to get a feel for how big apiece of moss you will need to fully cover the soil ball… the moss will also make your ball a little bigger…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece06

…if the moss piece is too large your can snip or tear away the excess moss… I found that pulling away the extra moss worked better and made less noticeable seams… it blended together more easily when it was naturally torn away.

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece07

…wrap the moss up around the ball to check on the moss fit… then pull away any extra bulk so that the torn edges meet up nicely around the soil ball…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece08

Fit and tear until your moss perfectly covers your soil ball…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece09

…then its time to get the mall ready for planting!… hold the ball firmly and poke a little hole into the top of the ball… if it crumbles at the sides just give it a little squish and bring it all back together with your hole in the top…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece10

…drop in your mini little plant and resquish the ball to bring it back to its rounds shape and to ensure that the plant is good and secure in there…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece11

Next cut a long piece of twine… I used a super cute twine that I picked up from Dixie + Twine… wrap the moss around your soil ball and begin wrapping your moss ball in the piece of twine…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece12

I’ve found it best to do one wrap around to get started…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece13

…bottom to top and back to the bottom and tie a knot to secure the twine…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece14

Then wrap around in various directions to make sure the moss is secured to the soil ball and not falling away in any areas… Oh!… these moss balls, I’ve learned that they’re called Kokedama!  This is a Japanese word that means Moss Ball!

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece15

Once your moss ball is twined and secured you can leave it as it or give it a little haircut… the moss was a little unruly for me so I gave it a trim to neaten it up all around…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece16

For my table centrepiece I made three baseball sized moss balls with three different little plants… you can go as big as you like with these… the only restriction to the size is to make sure that it is large enough to accommodate the roots of the plant…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece17

I chose to go with a mini fern, a succulent, and a little ivy…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece18

And following the same steps for each one I created a soil ball, made a hole for the plant, then wrapped it in moss and secured the moss with twine…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece19

…don’t fret if you get soil all over the plant… you can give it a quick rinse off once you’re all done!

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece20

I gave each of my moss balls a haircut to make them tidy and sharp…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece21

Checkout the darling little ivy!… If you like you could stop here… sit these on some darling china in a nice sunlit spot in your home… or you could even hang them in front of a window!…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece22

But lets continue on and assemble a darling table centrepiece…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece23

Using fiskars cutters I cut some small pieces of the branches that we’d pruned from our trees earlier this fall… I didn’t want them too large that they took over… just  a few smaller pieces to poke in around the candles and moss balls…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece24

Then arrange your pieces on your tray or crate… I kept is simple on the tarnished silver tray with just candles, moss balls and piece of branches… but you can go all out and add whatever you like that goes with your home decor… an old silver tea service?  that would make a great alice in wonderland styled centrepiece for a wedding shower or tea party!… you can keep it simple with just a few twigs… or lookout below for two pumped up versions using seasonal greenery and pinecones!…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece25

I could photograph these sweet little moss balls for hours!… they’re just so charming!…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece26

Here are the same elements arranged differently on a different shaped silver tray!… If you would like a warmer feeling centrepiece try a wooden crate and add some greenery from your garden… extra moss, evergreen branches… seasonal greens… and pinecones…

Fall Foliage Table Centrepiece27

…and now for the pumped up versions with seasonal greenery and pinecones…  if you don’t want to use open flame candles you could swap the candles for LED candles or even for these sweet vintage jar lanterns to warm up the country styled one in the wooden crate!… I also have a tutorial for the wooden crate, so that you can build your own vintage style flat farm crate, that I’ll be sharing soon!

Centerpiece Set Up3

Centerpiece Set Up4

…you could use red candles and add christmas balls to make it more Christmas seasonal!… the possibilities and combinations are endless!…

Here is a more vintage modern styled centrepiece that would look great on a little bar for a Christmas or even New Years party!

Centerpiece Set Up1

Centerpiece Set Up2

There you have it!… your very own moss balls and table centrepiece.  Now a little care instruction four the plants: the succulent itself does not need a lot of water… you can mist the moss of that one every day or every second day… with the other plants you can pour a little water onto them to ensure the plants are well watered and mist the moss ball to ensure you keep your living moss nice and green!… be sure to lay them in the sink or in a small container when you water them to catch any stray or extra water! If you are using greenery to fluff up the centrepiece be sure to mist the greenery before using it to keep it nice and moist – and make the centrepiece right before you plan to use it!…

Centerpiece Set Up6

I can’t wait to see your moss balls and centrepieces!… Please come and share some photos of yours in progress! Have fun and get messy! And be sure to get a shot of you finished product to share also on the Feathering My Nest Facebook page!… and come back to Feathering My Nest for more tutorials!…

And if you would like to see the BT Calgary Video of this DIY you can check it out here!



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  • Elaine December 4, 2015 at 8:50 am

    I happened to see your ingenious idea on Hometalk and was so impressed I simply had to visit your blog as well. I love the simple, natural look of this project and yet it is sophisticated looking too. How refreshing it is to see an idea that isn’t cutesy, gaudy or cheap looking on Hometalk!! This is lovely year round. At Easter, a few eggs could be placed on the tray, in Summer, some shells and in the Fall, some fallen leaves or stones – anything. Thank you!

    • Lacey Haskell December 4, 2015 at 9:02 am

      Hi Elaine! Thank you for your incredibly thoughtful comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!… these would be great year round!… I’ve now got the ivy moss balls under a bell jar to keep them from my plant eating kitties! 🙂

  • Janie December 4, 2015 at 9:59 am


    • Lacey Haskell December 4, 2015 at 10:00 am

      Thank you Janie! 🙂

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  • Joni Solis February 29, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    I like these moss balls! Can you let me know if they are still living and doing well now? Thanks!

    I want to try making a few too!

    • Lacey Haskell February 29, 2016 at 7:55 pm

      Hi Joni! They are still living and doing well! 🙂