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Make Your Own Muscle Rub…

February 29, 2016

Looking for a natural remedy for your tired achy muscles?… well… the give this DIY a try!

Tasked with coming up with a DIY for the fitness episode a soothing rub immediately came to mind… I’m not the best at working out in a traditional sense of going to a gym or joining a workout class… but when I try I always hurt for days on end after!… lol…  I get my work outs from refinishing furniture… sore arms from lifting and lugging, painting, sanding and waxing… Just massage on this great natural muscle rub and soothe away soreness.

DIY Natural Muscle Rub - 1

Lets gather up our supplies and get started!

1/4 Cup – Bees wax – I picked up a block of local beeswax from Chinook Honey.

1/2 Cup – Coconut oil

Essential oils – I chose four – more on this below

DIY Natural Muscle Rub - 2

Then the tools

Glass container – from Michaels for $1.50!

Labels – also from Michaels for $1.50 for a pack

Chalk Ink Pen – I’ve fallen in love with this Chalk Ink Pen from S’well that I picked up at Chapters

Cheese grater

Crock Pot with 2″ of hot water

DIY Natural Muscle Rub - 3

For the essential oils I chose to work with four that would work best for me… and that I enjoy the smell of… Eucalyptus, Lavender, Ginger, and Peppermint!  There is an incredible variety of essential oils out there that can do all kinds of different things for you… from warming to cooling to calming… seriously a quick google search and you’ll have a list that you’ll want to try out in minutes!  There are some that are not recommended for certain people – say lemon grass if you are pregnant – just be sure to read up on each oil to make sure that is right for you!

DIY Natural Muscle Rub - 4

Grate the wax… this makes the measuring and melting process so much easier!

DIY Natural Muscle Rub - 5

Drop the coconut oil and bees wax into the glass jar that is sitting in your crock pot of hot water… this will slowly melt the two… or you can setup a double boiler scenario pots on your stove to melt the wax and coconut oil so that you can melt and stir the mix…

DIY Natural Muscle Rub - 6

Once the oil and wax are in the jar and placed into the crockpot close the lid of the jar and put on the lid of the crockpot. Have the crock pot on high… I found that after about 10 minutes the wax will be fully melted… if not keep the lid on the crock pot and leave it a little longer.  Once the wax has fully melted remove the jar from the crock pot… be careful when you are removing your jar as the glass will be hot!…  use a dish towel or oven mitt to get that sucker out of there.

DIY Natural Muscle Rub - 7

Give the wax and coconut mixture a stir… then add the essential oils… when working with essential oils it is considered safe, for adults to topically apply a 2% dilution in a carrier oil – in this case thats our beeswax and coconut mix.  To do the math for dilution it works out to about 12 drops per 30 mils of carrier oil. There are a couple exceptions to this rule with a few stronger essential oils… again as you choose your oils a quick online search will give you lots of information about your particular oil.

DIY Natural Muscle Rub - 8

I used about 15 drops of each of the four essential oils… stirring as each is being added. As the oils are cooler than your melted mix the oil drops may cause the top of the mix to start to cool and set… stirring the hot mix while adding the essential oils will keep everything melted until you’re done adding all of your oil…

DIY Natural Muscle Rub - 9

Once you’ve stirred in all of your essential oils set the jar aside to cool… Once the soothing rub as completely cooled close up the jar and add your label… The labels that I found in the $1.50 bins at Michaels were a perfect fit for the Jars that we’re far away in those same bins… it was a match made in Michaels 😉

DIY Natural Muscle Rub - 10

Using the chalk ink pen write a little message on the top of the jar if its a gift, or the names of the oils… or if you have a name for your own custom mix… I chose the word soothe with a heart… this would be great for gifting!… whip up a couple batches for friends and family or for a fitness enthusiast in your life!… or for your partner… nothing like a soothing back rub with coconut oil and some great essential oils!…

DIY Natural Muscle Rub - 11

Now go soothe yourself!…

I would love to hear about the combinations of essential oils that you choose for your soothing muscle rubs!… please come on over to the Feathering My Nest Facebook Page and share a photo of your mix and oils and a note about why you chose the oils that you pick!  I look forward to hearing all about your rubs! To receive these DIYs in your inbox be sure to subscribe to the FMN Blog!… just pop your email address in on the right sidebar and submit on the Feathering My Nest Blog and you’ll get each new blog post sent straight to your inbox!





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