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Vintage Tin Planters…

March 27, 2016

I’m sure Winter will be back for a couple more visits before June, but it definitely feels like spring here in Calgary… yeah I said it!… Spring is here… mostly 😉

I’ve got a sweet little DIY for you if your’e looking to bring a bit of Spring into your nest!… Using vintage tins and darling little plants you can quickly add a touch of spring into your home!  Herbs for the kitchen? Spring blooms for your home office or bedroom!? Vintage tin planters will bring a sweet charm into your home.

If you like a treasure hunt then get on your treasure hunting pants and get out and scour local flea markets and vintage sales… or hit up online auction groups or get searching on Kijiji!… who knows you may even have some tins kicking around your home already… new tea tins work well for this too as many are designed with vintage looks!…

Let’s gather our supplies for the DIY!  To make your own vintage tin planters you will need:

Vintage or new tins

Plants – you choose whatever floats your boat!… succulents? herbs for an kitchen herb garden, sweet ranunculus for your desk…

Rocks – for drainage

Soil – for planting

Moss – to cover the soil

Vintage Tin Planters - 1

I found this collection of vintage tins through three different sellers on Kijiji… one had the cool coffee tin – a total score for $5, another the three Canadian Honey tins – a little pricer at three for $40, then the third had the collection of tobacco tins for a couple bucks a tin… Although the honey tins were pricy I wanted them because they are local and look really great! 🙂

Vintage Tin Planters - 2

Soil and rocks… I went with an all purpose miracle grow… nothing fancy, soil that works and is easy to find at pretty much any local hardware store that has plants!…

Vintage Tin Planters - 3

The plants came from a local garden centre and the moss you can usually find at garden centres or at craft stores… I love to top the soil with the green moss as it steps up the potted plant a few notches… it creates a clean finished look for your plants overall.

Vintage Tin Planters - 4

Place a layer of rock in the bottom of your container… the rocks will act as drainage… if you would prefer you could poke holes in the bottom of your tins – if you do be sure to sit the container on something like a dish before placing them around your home, or water your plants in the sink and let them drain… I prefer the rocks as I don’t have to worry about water leaking out the bottom of the container.

Vintage Tin Planters - 5

Next place soil into the container… cover the rocks and get a little soil around the sides leaving room for your plant’s root ball!…

Vintage Tin Planters - 6

Pop your plant out of its container, loosen the rootball, and shake away excess soil… loosening up the roots will help it to take root into its new home…

Vintage Tin Planters - 7

…voila!… get your plant into the container and then fill around the rootball with additional soil, pressing it gently to secure the plant in it’s new digs….

Vintage Tin Planters - 8

Now here is where the moss comes in… I like to cover the soil with a nice green moss… it looks livelier/fresher/cleaner/more lush! 🙂

Vintage Tin Planters - 9

This DIY can get a little messy!… if you lay down a few pieces of newspaper or kraft paper before you get to work and it will make your cleanup a breeze!

Once you get all of your plants planted give them a good watering and then put them on display!

Vintage Tin Planters - 10

I just love the look of these vintage tin planters!… bringing in the new in an old container… now be sure to come over to the Feathering My Nest Facebook Page to share some photos of your vintage tins all planted up with spring pretties!… I would love to see what treasured tins you dig up!… And if you would like to receive these blog posts right to your inbox go on over to the top right side of this page and enter your email address in the subscribe box and click submit!… then as soon as I publish a post it’ll be sent right to your inbox for your perusing pleasure!




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