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That Time We Had Our House Cleaned by Mad Maids…

October 30, 2016

Between full time day job gigs and growing Feathering My Nest over the past two years we just don’t spend as much time keeping the house in order as we used to… Cleaning the house used to be the thing that I spent at least one full day a week working away on… Now the majority of my non day job gig hours goes into growing Feathering My Nest. I don’t even know how people with kids find the time to clean house! You are magical creatures! Are you already using Mad Maids!?

When the opportunity came up to collaborate with Mad Maids I literally jumped up and danced a jig {I’m from Newfoundland so I can jig}.  Seriously, knowing that a solid chunk of my time was going to be freed up from “chores” AND that someone else was going to do the deep cleaning for us!? YOU HAD ME AT HELLO! And talk about stars aligning… I was just mentioning to the Pickle about hiring in help to do a good Fall deep clean on our house to make it easier for us to keep the house in tip top shape over the winter! Now, not only am I experiencing the cleaning magic of Mad Maids but TWO lucky followers will also receive gift cards for Mad Maids service! AND I have a discount code for everyone compliments of Mad Maids! BAM BAM BAM!

A little about Mad Maids… Mad Maids is a locally owned {love local} cleaning company located in Calgary and Edmonton that started up in 2013…. the thing about Mad Maids that sets them apart from the rest is that they focus on thorough housekeeping mixed with the ease of modern technology. Mad Maids is the very first company in Alberta to offer online booking and flat-rate quotes. With Mad Maids you always know exactly what you’ll pay for the service and you don’t have to waste time scheduling home visits to get a quote. You can schedule a professional home cleaning in a quick 60 seconds over the computer. This quick book option is incredibly appealing to me… I don’t even like calling to order takeout so being able to setup the service with a few clicks was perfect!… and who has time to schedule a pre appointment to get a cleaning quote? 

…So along came cleaning time… I have to say I actually felt a little nervous having people over to clean… most people I know will always hustle to clean before friends come by or they’ll apologize “for the mess…” I’ve done this myself on many an occasion… BUT you don’t need to apologize.  We’re all human, no body is perfect… think about it – cleaning services exist for a reason!  You also don’t need to pre clean before cleaners arrive to clean your house. I asked Mallory, Mad Maids Owner about people feeling this way and she had this to say:

So this is a question we get ALL THE TIME! In many different variations but you can feel the same emotion/anxiety throughout that many people are hesitant to let anyone in to see their house at it’s worst. I want people to know that we don’t judge your home! We really have seen it all and we’re all human too, we’ve all had our homes get out of hand when life becomes busy – we know what it’s like! 
One task that many people assume they *have* to do is decluttering before their house gets professionally cleaned (and rightfully so as clutter does need to be moved so we can shine, polish, disinfect, etc to perfection). Any good cleaning service should move things out of the way to clean under them, but when clutter becomes too daunting clients ask themselves what is the point of hiring someone when they will have to scramble to put everything away beforehand. Many of our clients are professionals and busy parents that plainly just don’t have time for that – and for these clients we now offer an extra organizational service to our work that removes this added annoyance. This way you can leave your house in the state it’s in and we spend the time organizing the clutter for you, pickup toys, neatly tidy up your papers, not to mention doing laundry and any other small tasks that are needed. This way you can relax and you’ll come home to a truly clean home, no more laundry and knickknacks stuffed under the bed and in closets after cleanings 🙂
Okay, the only “pre-work” that I did was to purge my house… and this wasn’t to prepare for the cleaners… having Mad Maids coming over was just the push that I needed to get the annual Fall declutter done. Knowing that the house was going to be deep cleaned, it would be a great time to purge the kitchen cupboards and our closet. I love the feeling of an uncluttered closet, and overstuffed cupboards being lightened of items that we’ve not used for months upon months… I did a quick sweep of my kitchen cupboards and closets and created two piles, a donate pile and a consign pile… If you’re looking for a great place to consign gently used clothes in Calgary check out The Clothing Bar {another great local company}. 

Okay… Mad Maids arrived… I was home but you don’t need to be home for them to get their work done, Oh! and they’re pet friendly.

Two people came to clean!… what were they expecting to walk into!? I kid, I kid!  They send two cleaners to each job to ensure a speedy service.

They got right to it starting upstairs in the bathrooms and bedrooms after setting my built up oven dirt to soak… They changed the bed sheets as I had bedsheets out for myself to change the bed clothes! Score! Surfaces were cleaned, blinds were dusted, even the cat post received a solid vacuuming!

         mad-maids-tub-1     mad-maids-tub-2

They worked their way down through the house right out to the entryway and on out the door dusting, cleaning, scrubbing the whole way through the house.





Like I mentioned above, Mad Maids services are easy to book, it can be fully booked online… and the pricing structure is easy to understand!… the cleaning is based on number of bedrooms and that bedroom count corresponds to the typical size of kitchen and various living spaces in a home with X number of bedrooms!… there are add ons that you can do which are great time savers for you for just a little more… having a big party?! Book your deep clean and step it up a level (move in/out) to get your fridge and oven cleaned! BAM!… nothing like a freshly cleaned oven and fridge!





mad-maids-7 mad-maids-8

I wanted to get the inside scoop for us, and because hiring in a cleaning service is new to me, so I spoke more with Mallory, Mad Maids owner. I asked Mallory for her top tips to share with you about how to make the most out of a cleaning service. Mallory said:

Upkeep between cleanings is a great topic and certainly something everyone needs to be thinking of when hiring a cleaning service! Off the top of my head for upkeep between cleanings the number one priority is routine. Routine, routine, routine. Instead of tackling everything all at once, we suggest doing some isolated cleaning for a minute or two here and there every afternoon or evening so it doesn’t feel like so much of a chore. Having a small task tied to a daily action is a great reminder and once this habit is developed it becomes second nature. Not to mention each task on it’s own only takes a second here and there rather then setting aside a large chunk of time for them every few days.
What are some examples of these isolated cleaning!? Mallory continued with:

Examples include putting dishes directly into the dishwasher after eating, hanging up towels directly after showering, giving the sink a quick wipe before washing your hands and throwing a load of laundry in as you get dressed/undressed for the day. 


Since having Mad Maids in I give my bathroom sink and counter a quick wipe every night after I wash my face!… It’s such a small item but has such a large impact on making that space stay cleaner longer! Mallory continued with:

If you stick to a routine like this not only will you feel better and less overwhelmed day-to-day, you’ll also reduce the amount of grime dirt and dust that accumulates keeping that precious clean-home feeling we’ve left you with going for longer. As they say, clutter loves company! 

Are there any items that you recommend that we have on hand that help make upkeep a breeze?

Two items that help keep things simple with upkeep are a cordless stick vacuum, for small touchups here and there doing a quick check in corners or under furniture where dust bunnies hide out, and a toilet bowl clip or stick on gel pod to keep build up out of the toilet between Mad Maids visits.

Any final thoughts?

My last suggestion for busier households would be to have an all-hands-on-deck (including kids) cleaning spree every now and again for 10-15 minutes when things start to get a little messy. You can focus on the whole home or even just one room or task (such as dusting or floors). Put on some fun music and you’ll be amazed how much of an impact your family can make even with a short amount of time!

Chris and I have figured this out lately with laundry… it is so. much. quicker. when we tackle putting away laundry together and much more fun than slogging through the task alone!

Okay and now we’ve got a special treat for you!… Mad Maids is giving away a $200 gift card and a $50 gift card to two lucky Feathering My Nest followers! Head on over to the Feathering My Nest Instagram and find the giveaway post and follow the instructions there for your chance to win! All you have to do it follow Feathering My Nest and Mad Maids on instagram, tag a friend in YYC or YEG in the comments and you are entered to win!


AND!… Mad Maids is offering a discount to Feathering My Nest followers who book a service before the end of November – Use Code FMN20 to receive $20 off your service!

Good luck to the contest entrants!… and now excuse me while I go and bask in the glory that is my sparkling abode! 😉




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