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Last Minute DIY Costume… Bag of Jelly Belly Candy

October 25, 2017

Here is the second Last Minute DIY Costume in my series of four fun and easy costumes that you can make in under an hour… with just a few materials… many of which you may already have on hand! These are all shown in little sizes but each of these last minute costumes can be easily made for adults too!

A bag of Jelly Belly Candies! The LEGO Block costume can be found here!

Last Minute DIY Costume Jelly Belly Candy

Let’s gather up the supplies to make the Jelly Belly Costume…

Jelly Belly Costume

Clear garbage/recycling bags… you just need one!

Little balloons… I used about 20 balloons for the child size costume… to make blowing these up go quick you can get an inexpensive hand pump… we happened to have one kicking around… I have no clue where it came from #mombrain

Jelly Belly logo printed out… I googled jelly belly logo and printed it off on some card stock… regular paper works too but the card stock is just a little sturdier and won’t get crumpled as easily

Two way tape… to stick the logo onto the bag… or you could used a rolled up packing tape!

Ribbon… this is optional, to tie bows onto bag… you could use twine instead or well nothing at all

Scissors… to cut the bag and cutout the logo

White leggings/pants and a white top… or black leggings and a black top… whichever you prefer or have on hand!

Bag of Jelly Belly Candy

Let’s get this candy party started… once you print out the logo for the candies cut that bad boy out…

Bag of Jelly Belly Candy

Apply two way tape to the back of the logo… if the costume wearer is rambunctious maybe apply a few extra pieces! Put the logo aside… we’ll get back to it shortly 🙂

Bag of Jelly Belly Candy

For an adult size use the full sized bag… for a child sized jelly belly costume I cut the bag down so that it was the measurement from about knee to shoulder… once you do your initial test fit you’ll know if it needs to be any shorter!

Bag of Jelly Belly Candy

For both adult and child size replicate the tie up top of the bag but make it longer so that the ties can be tied up around each shoulder… you want room for the arm and then still have some bag tie at the top of the shoulder to tie your knot to hold the costume up!… even if you cut this part and try it on you can always trim more if need be!

Bag of Jelly Belly Candy

Cut the new ties at the top of the bag…

Bag of Jelly Belly Candy

…now unfold the bag so that it is just folded in half… and cut two leg holes in the bottom… don’t worry about making them the exact size of the legs of the wearer… the plastic will stretch… just be sure to check that the leg holes are not too tight if you are making this jelly belly costume for a child.

Now the assembly:

Have the wearer step into the plastic bag

Drop in the balloons, as many as you like, and bring the bag ties up around each arm and tie at the top of the shoulder… add ribbon bows here if you want

Stick the logo onto the front of the bag and BAM!… bag of Jelly Belly Candy Costume!

Last Minute DIY Costume Jelly Belly Candy

Fun right!? If you make any of these please come on over to the Feathering My Nest Facebook Page and share some photos! I can’t wait to see your costumes!

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