Say it Without Paper… with Paperless Post

June 30, 2018

Paperless Post has been around for awhile… like 9 years… but I’ve only discovered it just recently. I’ve not sent a paper invite for an event in quite some time… like most, I’ve sent invites for events via Facebook event pages for the last number of years… but I’ve been missing invitations – that’s where Paperless Post comes in!… 

You can access Paperless Post via their website OR you could use their app… send fliers, e-cards, or invites all from the ease of your phone. Waiting for an appointment? Taking a little work break? Take that moment and send a birthday card to a friend, a little get well soon card to a loved one, or start designing your next party invitation!

They have a small selection of free cards or for a small fee you purchase Paperless Post coins to put towards creating your cards…

The available designs are lovely and you can have a barrel of monkeys spending hours looking through and customizing to create the perfect cards, invites and fliers for your events. The Wild Things theme card above is the invite that I have used for Finley’s first birthday!… it goes perfectly with his Wild Things themed party! I can’t wait to share about baby first birthday!

I’ve sent party invites and cards for a few occasions now and I love the little extra love that Paperless Post helps me to send out… check them out and step up your Facebook events and plain jane email greetings!

Have you used Paperless Post?! Are you a paper or paperless greeting sender?! Tell me in the comments below.



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