DIY Designer Belly Basket…

I’ve been seeing these designer baskets all over social media lately… after some research I discovered this basket that I’m loving is called a belly basket… but I’m not just talking about the plain janes like in the photo below, though they are great the way they are… I’m talking about the kicked up a notch ones… the ones where the price is also kicked up a few notches… They look incredible with plants placed into them, as blanket storage, or toy storage in a nursery…

Belly Basket

Well babes have I got a DIY for you!… a dipped belly basket, and a tassel and pompom adorned belly baskets… ALL for a fraction of the cost of buying from a designer shop!… and these come along with the satisfaction of having made it yourself!

Now are you ready for this?! It’s easy! a total breeze… a quick and satisfying evening or weekend project!

If you don’t have an IKEA in your home town then check them out online – these baskets fold down and are light so even with shipping it will cost you less and you’ll get more baskets for your buck!

These various versions can be done separately or combined on one basket… its totally up to you!… hit up Pinterst for some great belly basket inspiration and get creating!… These would even make great Christmas, Get Well Soon, New Baby, Housewarming packaging… filled up with treats for the recipient!

Tassel or PomPom Belly Basket Supplies:

  • Ikea belly basket FLÅDIS $12.99
  • Yarns of various colours
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

Designer Belly Basket Supplies

Pick as many colours and types of yarns as you like… colours to match or contrast your space… whatever you like…

Let me show you how to make a pompom:

Belly Basket Yarn Pompom Step 1

Using a medium weight wool I wrapped it around my four fingers 100 times… then cut a long string to tie the loops together at the middle…

Belly Basket Yarn Pompom Step 2

Working the cut string between the middle and ring finger, around the back of the yarn at the back of my hand and back through the middle and ring fingers at the top and around to the front to be tied into a tight knot…

Belly Basket Yarn Pompom Step 3

Tie a tight knot, leaving the tails of the string long… these tails will come in handy when we secure the pompom to the basket!

Belly Basket Yarn Pompom Step 4

Once the loops are tied together in the middle you end up with loops on both sides of the tied string… take your scissors and cut the loops freeing all the pompom strings!…

Belly Basket Yarn Pompom Step 5

Now… you even have choice in how your pompoms will look… you can leave the strings long and willy nilly for a more free and whimsical looking pom, or give that pompom a haircut… trimming it all around in a ball to create a neat tight pompom… I’ve got photos of belly baskets with both to show you 🙂

{Remember to leave the long strings long for attaching your pompoms to your baskets!}

Now how to make a yarn tassel:

Belly Basket Yarn Tassel Step 1

Using a medium weight yarn I used my four fingers again… but this time only 50 wraps around my hand… and then with a string tie one end of the loops together as you can see at the top of my hand…

Belly Basket Yarn Tassel Step 2

Slip the loop off your hand and then tie a second string just down slightly from the string that you tied to capture one end of the loops to create the little tassel top ball…

Belly Basket Yarn Tassel Step 3

Then you can free the strings at the bottom by cutting the loops at the bottom of your tassel!…

{Remember to leave the long strings long for attaching your tassels to your baskets!}

Belly Basket Yarn Tassels

I like to prep all my pompoms to the tied up loops point… then cut them all and trim them all in a batch…

Belly Basket Pompom Prep

Here are my tight and tidy poms…

Belly Basket Tidy Pompoms

Here are my whimsical poms…

Belly Basket Willy Nilly Pompoms

Now lets get to work with these pompoms to adorn the belly basket!

Belly Basket Pompom Attachment 1

Now remember that we left the string that tied the pompoms together long to attach them to the basket!?… get out your large yarn needle… and work the ends in between the belly basket weave and tie in a knot on the inside of the basket… That’s it! first pom on!… work as many pompoms onto the basket as you like… around the middle… at the bottom… at the top edge… all over at random… whatever floats your boat!

Belly Basket Pompom Attachment 2

I worked a line of my tidy pompoms around half of the belly basket right in the the middle…

Belly Basket Pompoms Being Attached

Belly Basket Pompoms Attached

You can alternate the colours… or mix them up randomly… have fun… if you want to test out the location just tie them onto the basket with bows until you’re happy with the pompom location… then undo the bows, tie knots and cut away any extra string from the inside.

Belly Basket Pompoms Attached Full

Here is a pompom belly basket for the nursery… stuffed with those adorable JellyCat rabbits… they’re soooo soft!…

Belly Basket Pompoms Attached Basket Filled

Now for the messy pompoms… because these pompoms are bigger I chose to use less of them on the basket… and I spaced them out

Belly Basket Messy Pompoms

As with the tighter pompoms… the tie strings were left long and used to tie the pompoms to the basket through the basket weave…

Belly Basket Messy Pompoms Full

I do find that these willy nilly pompoms are definitely more whimsical and fun…

Belly Basket Messy Pompoms Action

AAAAAND the tassel look:

Belly Basket Tassels

Belly Basket Tassels and Blankie
Now for the Painted, or “Dipped” Belly Basket Supplies:

  • Ikea belly basket FLÅDIS $12.99
  • Chalk Paint – I love FAT so am working with their paint product
  • Paint brush
  • Gold leaf or gold paint (optional)
  • Gold leaf sizing and small paint brush if you are working with gold leaf (optional)

Dipped Belly Basket Supplies

I have a couple painters canvasses on hand for when I want to paint furniture in the house… in the winter or a cold or rainy day… they’re a great reusable way to protect your work surfaces.

Dipped Belly Basket Start Painting

This one is just as it looks… crack open that can of paint and get to work painting the bottom half of the belly basket… for the dipped look… if you want a full colour basket go to town and paint the whole thing!

Dipped Belly Basket Painting Under the Edge

I wanted the dipped look so I painted as neatly as I could freehand just under the edge of where the basket folds down.

Dipped Belly Basket Clean Edge

To make this part a little easier put the basket top down on your work surface and work around the underside of the fold first to give yourself a painted border to work within.

Dipped Belly Basket First Coat of Paint

Now after the first coat it the paint might not be as solid as you would like… don’t get the first coat blues… if you want the colour to be solid give the basket a second coat once the first coat dries… see! easy peasy!

Dipped Belly Basket Second Coat

Dipped Belly Basket Second Coat Drying

I didn’t even “get fancy” and paint the bottom of the basket… it will be sitting on the floor and I just didn’t feel the need to spend the paint on the underside… if you want to paint the bottom, paint the bottom!… there is nothing saying that you shouldn’t or should!… its up to you!

Dipped Belly Basket Unpainted Bottom

BAM!… once that bad boy is dry you’re good to fill it with goodies and set it up in your home… make sure you let it dry though… some paint will likely seep through the basket weave to the inside of the basket and you wouldn’t want to put things in there before the paint has dried!

Dipped Belly Basket Navy

Bunnies and blankies in a dipped belly basket!…

Dipped Belly Basket Filled Up

Now you know I couldn’t just do a dipped basket and NOT kick it up even another notch!… yep… gold leaf dots!…

Because of the basket weave getting the perfect round dot is not easily… so I went with a freehanded dot, not a measured out dot… and I love the results! There is something special about the freehanded dots!

Dipped Belly Basket Gold Leaf Prep

Now if you’re using gold paint you could get a round sponge brush and just apply dots of paint… and any colour you choose… it doesn’t just have to be gold… Where the gold gets exciting is if you are using gold leaf to create a true metallic polka dot pattern!

To get the gold leaf to adhere to the basket you have to use a product called adhesive size… for a full gold leaf tutorial you  checkout my how to gold leaf blogpost… but you don’t need that much detail to do these quick and dirty dots… this is just if you want to know more about the gold leafing process than what I’m telling you right here 🙂

Using a small paint brush paint on the adhesive size dots being careful not to apply too much… we don’t want the adhesive size to run outside of the painted dot shape… The size does go on milky but will become glossy and tacky… once it is glossy and tacky it is ready for you to apply the gold leaf!

Dipped Belly Basket Sizing Setting

Because these are small dots I didn’t get too fussy with the leaf… Make sure your hands are good and dry and tear small pieces of gold leaf to cover the dots. Press and rub the leaf pieces onto the glossy size dots on the basket… use a soft cloth to gently press/rub the gold leaf pieces to make sure they’re good and adhered!

Dipped Belly Basket Gold Leaf On

Once they’ve all been rubbed into place use a clean brush to bush away the excess leaf to reveal your darling dots…

Dipped Belly Basket Brushing Off Excess Leaf

VOILA! darling little gilded dot!…

Dipped Belly Basket Gold Leaf Dot

…now get to brushing and remove all of the excess leaf… Working on a towel will help to catch the leaf bits that you’ll be brushing off… and try not to work near a fan or an open window if it is breezy out… those little loose bits of leaf will go flying!

Dipped Belly Basket Gold Leaf Dots

EEEK! Look at that gold just pop in the light!… at first I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to get a small perfect dot on the belly basket weave but once I saw how they turned out, by free handing the adhesive size dots, I was quite pleased at how natural and “just right” they looked!

Dipped Belly Basket Gold Leaf Dots Complete

Dipped Belly Basket Gold Leaf Dots Filled

Here’s a little reminder of the belly basket before…

Belly Basket Before

and after:

Belly Basket After 1

Belly Basket After 2

Belly Basket After 3

Belly Basket After 4

Belly Basket After 5

Belly Basket After 6

I can’t wait to see what colour/pompom combos you come up with for your home!… Here are some pin options for you to save this project for later!


Be sure to come on over to the Feathering My Nest Facebook page to share photos of your belly baskets in progress and finished! Or tag @featheringmynest on Instagram posts of your baskets so that I can see and share with everyone there!

Now go! get to work on your designer belly baskets!



Great Crate Challenge… what I created with two crates and a $50 budget

Back in January I took part in the Calgary Renovation Show Great Crate Challenge… five local influencers were given two wood crates and a $50 budget to come up with something fun to be displayed at the show!… being as practical as I am I wanted to make something that was really functional and good looking… Seeing the crates I instantly knew what I wanted to create… a rolling crate storage ottoman that could be used as additional seating…

crates and planks

I applied glue to one side of each of the crates, pressed the glue sides together, and secured them with a clamp until they had dried… I cut down a wood plank to the exact size of the bottoms of the two crates once they were together… this would give much needed stability to the thin sided crates and create a solid base for screwing in the little casters.

You can see in the above shot I also cut a plank for the base of the top cushion that would becoming the ottoman cover and seat.  I used the solid wood plank for the top, as well, for stability for the overall ottoman… it needed to hold an adult sitting on it, in my mind, for it to be really functional. Now this top plank I cut down just a little smaller than the full size of the top as I planned to upholster it and didn’t want the top cushion hanging out all over the top like a giant mushroom cap BUT I ensured it was large enough that it wouldn’t fall inside of the crate edges.

crate challenge supplies

I was unable to turn up a thicker foam for the top, on my supply shopping adventure, so I purchased a roll of thinner foam and planned to layer it to build up an aesthetically pleasing thickness for the ottoman cushion top… I used the top plank as the measurement guide for the the foam rectangles and traced out the shape… then with a large sharp exact-o knife and cutting mat I cut the foam pieces out.

batting for crate ottoman top

Now to make sure it was really comfy I also used some quilt batting over top of the foam… this batting was also used to help hold the foam on the top of the top plank into place… Once the two pieces of foam were lined up on the top plank of wood I wrapped the batting over top, down the sides, and then under my top plank, where I secured it into place with staples… cutting away excess bulk at the corners – essentially miter joint at each corner with the batting 🙂 The batting is very forgiving here… staple it down then cut away… or cut and staple… whichever you way you can manipulate the material more easily.

crate ottoman top, foam, and ruler

For the fabric I chose to work with burlap… it would help me to achieve the overall look I was going for… when working with burlap I like to line all of the pieces with fabric to keep the seams and burlap stable as burlap can get a little out of control at times… I also always iron the burlap pieces like you should with any fabric when sewing… but not with the iron we use for our clothes – depending on the burlap you pickup it can be a little stinky (fabric store burlap is much nicer than hardware store burlap 😉 but it all depends on how rustic a look you are going for)

I cut the following pieces 1″ + my seam allowance, larger than the actual size required to create a tight cushion that would fit snugly on the foam and plank top, as I wanted to create a pinched edge around all sides and corners of the upholstered top:

1 top in burlap/1 top in liner fabric (I used an old bed sheet for the liner fabric)

2 long sides burlap / 2 long sides in liner fabric

2 short sides in burlap / 2 short sides in liner fabric

2 long sides 6″ wide in  burlap / 2 long side 6″ wide in liner fabric – for the bottom of the cushion

2 short sides 6″ wide in burlap / 2 short side 6″ wide in liner fabric – for the bottom of the cushion

crate ottoman cushion fabric


As I wanted a clean top cushion and to be able to pull the cover that I was sewing down over the top of the batting, cushion, and board I didn’t have a solid bottom – just four strips that were sewn along the long sides…  this turned into some finicky hand sewing and cutting away excess fabric at the bottom to mitre the fabric in at the corners to keep the bulk down and to create a nice finished look… Once the cover had the top and sides sewn together I sewed the 6″ wide strips to the bottom edges – along the sides only leaving them hanging from the bottom to be pulled under, mitred and those mitred seams in from the corners on the underside sewn down by hand.

Before attaching the cushion cover to the bottom off the plank I placed the cover over top, pinched the edges of the fabric around the top and hand stitched a seam on the outside of the fabric at 1″ in from the edge all the way around the top of the cushion and also at the four corners… to create the flange you see around the cushion… then I did the same all the way around the bottom edge… it’s a little finicky with the underside pieces being loose but I was achieving the look I was after.

Once I created the 1″ pinched seams around all the edges the cover was snug to the padded cushion… now the bottom mitred seams could be done and the cover would stay put on the cushion… once the mitres were sorted, excess fabric snipped away, and all sewn down I stapled the edge of the fabric to additionally secure the fabric cover to the cushion… if you want to get super tight here you could cut a rectangle to cover the opening… hand sewing the edge down to the underside of the cushion.

underside of crate cushion

I’m sure there are other ways to achieve this same look by leaving open other edges and hand sewing those closed after getting the plank/foam/batting stuffed in but for me, at midnight, this is what my brain turned up 😉 and the ottoman cushion top was complete!

PAINT!… As shown up above… the little can of FAT… I did my paint wash style of painting for this crate to give it a greyed old weathered wood look… I watered down my chosen colour and applied it all over the crate… it does go on darker and lighten as it dries… when doing paint washes I always recommend doing a test piece to ensure you’ve created a wash that will give you the results you want even as far as applying any finish that you plan to use over top as finishes like waxes or clear coats over a paint wash can change the look of the dried paint wash… for this rustic crate I did not seal the finish once it had dired… no wax and no clear… the wood was slightly rough which played perfect in with the old weathered crate look 🙂

Here are two posts where I show various paint washing techniques: Weathered Wood Feet & Shiplap Wall

crate challenge rolling storage ottoman

The colour of the wood worked perfectly with the burlap. The weight of the top seat/cover combined with the roughness of fabric and wood, and the little 1″ handsewn flange around the edge holds the cushion perfectly in place… it is easily lifts off as the cover is snug on the cushion, and sturdy, yet comfy for an adult to sit upon!…

And of course it was Oliver tested and approved before going on display at the Home Renovation Show! 😉

kitty approved crate ottoman

After the Home Renovation Show one lucky attendee won this ottoman! I have to admit I was sad to have to let her go… I’ll have to whip up one for our nest!

Have you created anything fun with crates? I want to hear all about it! Leave me a comment below… and a link to your website with your project! Can’t wait to see!… Sharing this one over at Costal Charm – who doesn’t like a fun link party!?



Our Rocky Start…

Burning out at the end of September, after the home show, and breaking my hand at the end of October were just the signs I needed from the universe {lol} to slow me down… I had plans for November to instruct in home Christmas decor FAT Paint workshops, and to refinish all of the furniture that was filling the basement to sell at a pop up shop at the house in early December… By the time early December rolled around my right hand was just coming out of the splint… no November workshops were held and no furniture had been refinished for a December Pop Up Shop…

Instead Pickle and I began to gut the basement, after being in the house for 10 years it was time to finish the basement {OMG why didn’t we finish it years ago!?}  The majority of the to be refinished pieces of furniture were sold off, or donated for others to find on their own treasure hunting adventures… I’ll collect more pieces to relove. The forced rest of burn out and broken hand, and broken hand recovery, was really great… and oddly enough came at a great time… it slowed me down for a smidgen of time before finding out mid November that I was pregnant!

I am now 24 weeks and 6 days and I have only been feeling at ease since week 22… There were just so many weeks of ups and downs until week 22. I found out pretty much as early as you can find out that you’re pregnant and we were ecstatic, but the next day my doctor seemed overly cautious and frankly scared me into thinking that something wasn’t right – that it might just be a chemical pregnancy. I found out on day 28 of my clockwork cycle with an at home test… I was literally just pregnant. My doc sent me for a run of blood tests the following week to track my hcg levels. On the Friday they were 100, on the Monday 261, on the Wednesday 4hundredsomething and on the Friday over 1000… the number was more than doubling every 24 hours so all was progressing as it should!… I sat on the floor in the kitchen and cried when the nurse called with the results on the Friday… relief.

On about Day 6 of Week 6 I was still feeling very cautious but very hopeful. The initial anxiety caused by what seemed to be an overly cautious doctor was still hanging on but I tried not to dwell on it.

I was still quite slowed down throughout much of December as my recently freed right hand wasn’t completely back in action… my body just felt so very tired and I’d been falling asleep on the couch early in the evenings – basically I napped every evening before going to bed.  I hadn’t been hit with wicked morning sickness though, so I felt lucky. I found I would get generally queasy off an on… if my stomach gets overhungry (which it does very quickly now) then I find that it can be hard to eat… I’ve discovered a trick though when I wakeup in the morning… eat a couple dry crackers and it cuts the edge off the hunger queasiness while I get ready for the day…

I didn’t seem to ever have full blown morning sickness… The smell of cold food has always grossed me out and I’ve always had a very keen sense of smell… I mostly found that the first trimester brought with it a general light, all the time, queasiness and fatigue…  After I would get home from work in December I would grab a snack and snuggle under the big duvet comforter on the couch with my Pickle nearby… all is right with the world when I’m snuggled with my love…. I could just be still, chill, nap, and the queasiness would get lighter.

The dating ultrasound…  with the unnecessarily rocky start that I had due to the doctor being overly cautions with my initial hcg level I felt nervous going into this appointment. I just want everything to be okay. I hoped that with each test I would be able to let go of some of the doubt… I will always be in a state of waiting to confirm that everything is okay at the next test and the next. So for the test I worked on focusing on our weekend trip to Banff, for Chris’s Christmas Party, that we would be leaving for right after the appointment!

The dating ultrasound went great – all looked well and put my EDD at July 31 – four days later than initial calculations indicated… Banff was beautiful! A winter wonderland.

I ended up getting a stomach flu after we got back from Banff and was knocked out hard for a couple days… after this stomach bug beat me up “Morning Sickness” seemed to have kicked in a little harder but in all honesty it wasn’t that bad… I just felt more queasy all of the time.

On December 23rd the day of our annual Christmas Party I ended up in Emergency for some bleeding – we were scared to death… I got in and saw the OB that I’d seen two years previous when I had a cyst rupture… she was really great.  She said that things looked okay and that I was to come back the following day for an ultrasound and to enjoy our party that evening. The bleeding had stopped.  It was hard to relax and enjoy the party but I tried. We went back to the hospital on Christmas Eve for the ultrasound and it was confirmed that all was well… everything looked okay! Christmas was lovely and quiet, just the two of us…well three of us..  we were a little emotionally exhausted so we used the down time to rest as much as possible.

Just over 11 weeks… regular checkup with my dr… She said I could hear the heartbeat! I thought this would just be a quick checkup appointment!… I was so excited.. I recorded the heartbeat to send to Chris… he didn’t come to the appointment because I thought it was just a quick check in.  I was so excited after hearing babes little ticker that when I was out running some errands I popped into GAP and found some adorable babe clothes to put away for next fall and Christmas 🙂 And Michaels had a smoking deal on baskets so I picked some up for the nursery.

12 weeks 3 days screening ultrasound… everything on the ultrasound looked great but a protein in the bloodwork portion of the screen put babe as high risk… This wasn’t diagnostic but still we were devastated… worried… anxious… The delivery of the information was very grave and came along with apologies… and they didn’t charge us for our disk of images from the ultrasound which made it all seem just that much worse.  We booked the CVS appointment immediately, to follow up with a diagnostic test, and began the wait for the appointment the following week. We did stop in to see our family Dr to talk about the screen results and what it all meant… and then we took the afternoon after the screening ultrasound off from work and laid on the couch and tried our best to turn off our brains, check out, and watch movies… I went to work the next day but I wasn’t fit to be there. I spent the next number of weeks at work welled up fighting back tears.

13 weeks 3 days CVS appointment… ultrasound check complete… heartbeat good, everything looks good… Dr arrives to do the procedure and double checks everything himself via ultrasound then starts to get things underway… only they couldn’t complete the CVS procedure through the abdomen as the placenta is posterior, and then they couldn’t complete the test internally as I have a fibroid that had grown and misaligned the route… they just couldn’t make the angle to get the sample required. The next test would be the amniocentesis and it couldn’t be done for two weeks.

We booked the amniocentesis immediately… the two week wait began… The days following the CVS appointment I was bluer than blue. I was too nervous again and fearful to be excited about being pregnant…  Chris constantly worked at cheering me up with his hopeful attitude, reassurance, and love.

Early February at 15 weeks 3 days: Amnio appointment… this was nerve wracking… but it was the day. Chris held my hand and kept me calm. The Dr was incredibly nice and the procedure, surprisingly, went quickly with little to no side effects (other than frazzled nerves). The Dr described the procedure as he was doing it… starting with “you’ll feel a light scratch” which produced in my mind a much better mental image that I had developed independently…  we had the tech turn off the large ultrasound screen on the wall as seeing a needle enter into my uterus through my abdomen wasn’t something I was sure that I could handle… “halfway through”… “we’re done”… The Dr even showed us the tube of amniotic fluid that he had obtained… neat but ew but neat… I rested all weekend.

16 weeks… Monday, all day, I was on edge just waiting for the phone to ring… nothing all day. I could hardly focus at work… Pickle and I were sitting on the couch watching whatever we could find to distract our frazzled brains after the work day… then the phone rang… it was almost 6pm and it was the Family Dr calling… She received the results before the clinic who had done the procedure had called… she mentioned that she knows these things are hard to wait for so wanted to call me as soon as she could with the results.  The results came back and everything was okay with the babe! I made her confirm what she said… and then she let us know that we’re having a BOY!  Pickle hopped up from the couch, danced a jig, and teared up… I just sat there… I couldn’t cry… I was all cried out from the anxiety since week 12… but I could breath again. I felt lighter. And I also finally felt like making our official announcement with a little gentle nudge and reassurance from Pickle.

I did still have a concern past this test… the low pregnancy associated plasma protein detected in screen has been linked to issues in pregnancy such as growth restriction of the babe and high blood pressure for the mama… For the love of all that is sacred don’t google low papp-a if you have it… just talk to your Dr. because they know you, they know your case, and they will likely ease your mind about the whole situation. I made the mistake of googling and sent myself into a panic… a couple times… so we chatted with our family Doc and she made me feel much less panicky, but the general concern was still there in my mind.

Early in March we started looking around for the serious things… stroller and car seat… and we picked them up!… I still felt nervous about jumping in and getting these things (so early? but really was it early?) but Chris’s reassurance that everything would be fine calmed the ol nerves.

Week 22 doppler scan at the end of March to check the uterine artery… Waiting until 22 weeks was recommended as everything would be bigger and easier to see… The MFM Clinic had a new machine which helped to distract me from my nerves and gave us an incredible look at our sweet babes face! MIND BLOWN! It looks like a photograph of his darling little face… check out that sweet itty bitty button nose!

The uterine artery doppler checks the flow of blood between mother and babe… I was concerned that the placenta wasn’t functioning properly as potentially indicated by the low papp-a. After the scan they put us in a room where the Dr would come and chat with us about the results… He had good and reassuring news for us! The uterine artery doppler looked great! The placenta was functioning as it should, though we do have marginal insertion of the umbilical cord (meaning its attached near the edge of the placenta and not at the centre as is the typical connection point)… so we are relieve that it is functioning well, but with a small size of nerves though the Dr’s have not shown concern about the connection as things look to be functioning as they should… Babe was still measuring a little small but he had grown consistently since the last scan, which is good but it was recommended that we return in 3-4 weeks for another ultrasound to monitor the babes growth.  Our Family Dr had given us the heads up that we may be up for monthly scans as a result of the low papp-a… Monthly ultrasounds!? I don’t mind one bit… that just means we get to see our baby bear’s progress every couple of weeks!

Now I’m finally feeling like I can be excited, without fear, and we’ve been picking up some darling things for babe!

Just before I hit 27 weeks I’ll be switching over from our Family Doc to the incredible OB Dr. LeJour! I never did receive a call in regards to a mid wife after applying, though I hounded the nearest practice for weeks after I’d applied… BUT I have an incredible OB, and now we also have an incredible Doula that will be supporting us… Sacred Nest. We’ve signed up for our Birth and Babies class and I’m ferociously working my way through The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, and Sweet Sleep, two great books from a dear friend.

Looking back now over the past 24 weeks I do feel sad about the rocky start and I wish I could have let go and enjoyed that early time more… but I was just so afraid. Until I had results saying all was going well I just couldn’t relax. I am so grateful that we’re past what has been one of the scariest chunks of time in our lives back to the most exciting!… Now I’ll be making up for that lost time savouring every little kick and new experience, and sharing about it along the way.



How to Gold Leaf… via Thrift Store Swap

This is a fun set of reveals that I’m going to share over two different DIY posts! The first post will show you how to Gold Leaf!… how to prep, apply, seal, and even glaze gold leaf!…

Early in the new year I joined a group of bloggers to do a Thrift Store Swap! What’s a Thrift Store Swap you ask!?…

Basically we each found items at a thrift shop to send onto another member of the group and we had to relove whatever we received, that someone else picked out for us!  We gave ourselves a month to repurpose the items and now we’re all sharing what we received and what we turned those items into!









The items I picked up to ship onto one of the swap members, Sammi, were these darling black and gold storage containers (I would have liked to have kept them!)… and a collection of metal pails… along with a couple that I’d had on hand myself in my stash already! To see what Sammi has created from her swap items be sure to check out her reveal post over on her blog!

Thrift Store Swap

The items that came to me, all the way from jolly ol’ England, were theses great hand turned wooden goblets with spindle tops, and a great piece of light canvas… when I unfold the canvas I discovered that it was a curtain panel!… These wood goblets were the perfect candidates to become gilded succulent holders! The light canvas curtain!? to see what that will become be sure to check back in a few days for that second reveal an DIY!Continue Reading

Faux Fur Wine Bottle Holder DIY

I love a little faux fur… Its a great way to add warmth and whimsy to your everyday!…  so I created this muppet looking faux fur wine bottle holder and tutorial to share with you… it would be a fun hostess gift for the next dinner party you attend, or perhaps even a fun GALentines present for your bestie and a fun girls night in this coming Valentines day!… There are so many variations of fur that you can get from realistic to downright muppet looking…

Let’s get right to it. For this DIY you will need:

Faux Fur and matching thread – we will cut a 10.5″ x 16.5″ rectangle and a circle with a 10.5″ circumference

Bottom Circle Pattern – download here – print out at full size and trace out then cut out a faux fur circle to use as the bottom of your wine bottle holder

Ribbon – to tie the holder around the neck of the bottle.  I worked with a 20″ piece… if you find it is too long after you can trim the ends to your preferred lengths




Sewing Machine

Sewing Needle


This faux fur wine bottle holder was made for your standard size bottle of wine… if you choose to make this for a champagne bottle or any other larger bottles you may have to increase the size of your rectangle and bottom circle. The width dimension of the faux fur rectangle is 10.5″ and the height of the rectangle is 16.5″

There is a trick to cutting faux fur… You don’t want to snip away the fur, so after you’ve marked on your rectangle for cutting, use scissors to cut the pieces out… BUT when you cut the fabric have the backside of the fabric up and cut only the fabric back letting the lower blade of the scissors slide between the fur.

Once your rectangle and circle are cut pin those pieces together… decide if you want your fur going up or down… whichever direction you decide will determine the bottom of your faux fur wine bottle holder… Start the first pin 1/4″ in from the rectangle edge.

When pinning pieces of faux fur together work slowly and push the faux fur down and inside/away from the edge… this will ensure that your fur doesn’t get trapped in the sewn seam…

Working all the way around the circle pin the faux fur wine bottle hold bottom into place… We’ll deal with the vertical seam shortly… the faux fur is pretty forgiving so this will work up nicely.

For the sizes of piece cut for this faux fur wine bottle holder I worked with a 1/4″ seam allowance… its just nice and easy to use the edge of the presser foot as the guide I find 🙂

Start sewing the circle 1/4″ away from the edge of the rectangle and stop 1/4″ away from the other edge when you get around to it. Sewing the thick fabric pieces together can be a little tedious but just work slowly… you’ll be all around the circle in no time…

Once you’re around the circle remove the bottom pins and then pin up the open vertical edges of the faux fur wine bottle holder…

Now as you work up the side don’t forget to pin your ribbon tie into place!…

Fold your ribbon in half… and tuck the tails inside of the faux fur tube… the tails go inside now so that when the wine bottle holder is turned right side out the ribbon tails are right where they need to be… below you can see that the ribbon fold is up through the pinned edge of the faux fur wine bottle holder.

For the dimension here I placed the ribbon at about 13.5″ up the side… depending on where the neck of your bottle starts you can adjust this dimension to suit your bottle!

Once everything is pinned into place sew up the side using your 1/4″ seam allowance.

Once all is sewn and threads are trimmed turn that sucker right side out!

There you have it! Your sewn wine bottle holder with ribbon tie!… but wait!…

…if you wish to leave the cut edge at the top it will hold and not fray BUT if you want to kick it up a notch and give it a special finishing touch I recommend hand stitching the top edge back down to the inside of the faux fur wine bottle holder… This creates a finished edge and makes your work look pro.

…you don’t have to fold over and sew down much… just the edge that you can pickup with your needle… enough for the faux fur to fold over the top edge creating a full faux fur frenzy right to the top of your faux fur wine bottle holder!

Here is a bottle of the Canadian Red Rooster Winery Red Cab Merlot for one of my gal pals for galantines… a bottle of wine is a great gift… but look how fun it becomes when you pop it into a muppet faux fur wine bottle holder!

Or as mentioned this would be a fun wintery hostess gift kicked up a notch!…

Okay now get your tushies out to the nearest fabric shop to hunt down some faux fur for your very own wine bottle holders!…

And be sure to come on over to the Feathering My Nest Facebook page and share photos of your faux fur wine bottle holders with everyone over there! I can’t wait to see what fur and ribbon combinations you come up with… and to hear about the gift giving occasion you used it for!… AND to hear about the reaction to your lovely handmade gift!


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